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This is a list of the 9 best Chilean capitals according to a special website

"What distinguishes beer from traditional craftsmanship is the typical taste of each", Francisc Podlech, founder of Nexobeer, a company dedicated to the distribution and distribution of beer and craft.

"Today we can find a break from the north of our country that is very different from that in the south, because they usually use local ingredients, identify with the site," he says.

As a tradition at the end of each year, the School of Senses, the organization responsible for the guide of the well of 2018, made a rating with the best products. To this end, he took into account various stages of tasting: visual assessment, olfactory, final dying. Each beer achieved a score that goes from 1 to 5, being one simple 5 beer beer that is touching perfection.

1. Black collar except stout extra

Originally from Valdivia, this beer achieved 4.85 points, positioning itself as the winner of the day. Although the alcohol level of beer is enough, of 8 Â °, you can appreciate a balsamic, malt chocolate touch with small toffee colors.

2. Frog Trog WIPA (Fresh Hops)

In second place with a score of 4.82, it's a beer that has 7.2 degrees of alcohol. Manufactured in Peñaflor, it has an aromatic scent and citrus fruit, being a very refreshing beer, especially on hot days that they come on.

3. A pale American Sigurat

This beer has a very exotic fragrance, mixing mint, street and fruits such as grapefruit and mango. "Although there is little bitterness, it is very extra with mint, which makes it very refreshing for the summer afternoon, especially because it does not contain so many degrees of alcohol, so you can take more than two for the thirst of the weather. In our beer club, "explains the expert.

4. Wester Luptopia (West Coast Imperial IPA)

In fourth place, with 4.80 points, it is a beer of dark golden color. The forest aromas are mixed with bitter taste, making it an ideal beer for dinner.

5. Szot Imperial Red Ale 2016 (10 years)

From Talagante comes a beer that's a bit sweeter than the previous one. With 8 degrees of alcohol, they have similarities to the most populous beers on the west coast of the United States. The key to this beer is malt. It has a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, with a citrus, roasted and toasted aroma.

6. Hail & amp; Black Imperial

With a unique characteristic taste of Olmué, there are aromas and flavors of sugared nuts, sweet bread and a little brandy.

7. Wester Saison (Belgian farmhouse Ale)

From the beer comes this beer obtained 4.75 points in the ranking made by beer guide 2018. Although it has a few degrees of alcohol, you can appreciate the taste reminiscent of the gin.

8. Szot Kriek Barricas Series 2017

Again, from Peñaflor comes this beer with fruity aromas, being able to distinguish between cherry and apple cider, there is a good mixture, with perfect souring.

9. Trug Prosperity ORIS (American oak)

With a score of 4.75, this beer with 9 degrees of alcohol has colors to simulate desserts, such as black jungle or tiramisu. Although the tones seem to be a sweet beer, this one has flavors that look like earthy worms.

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