Wednesday , August 4 2021

Total house arrest for five detainees for assaulting policemen

Five of the seven detainees About the aggression suffered by the officials of Carabineros in the afternoon of Thursday in Passio Omada Were subject to the precautionary measure of house arrest, After a formal.

After she intended to complain Frustrated murder for Karabineros, abuse of work for Karabineros and public disturbance, One of the defendants was warned and the other was released on the monthly signature, which prevents psychological problems.

Maria Magdalena RiveraThe lawyer of the People's Shield, explained that "the court did not grant the application of preventive measures that prevents all the graduates who require temporary detention for the needy adolescents, but unfortunately the law authorizes the short wing to the Interior Ministry so that it attracts orally, They remain in the custody of the gendarmerie until the court approves or cancels the state of precaution. "

Meanwhile, the metropolitan mayor, Carla Robilar, Assessed the precautions and promised to ask all those responsible for the attack.

"There are other people in these pictures that we should be able to bring to court and we will continue to look for them until we find the last one who participated in this terrible attack on the Carabineros"Said the area commander.

"I also want to appreciate the statements of Consuelo Contreras, director of INDH, who said that it was an attack on the rule of law," added Rubilar.

The prosecutor's office wanted to impose on the detainees the attempted murder of Carabineros, which was rejected by the court, although according to the Interior Ministry's attorney, Itelo Lyon, Not yet excluded.

"Doing a test of something so complex, that this murderous intent in the detention hearing, as the judge pointed out, is quite difficult, was an option, but the frustrated murder was not excluded, it was determined in the long run the test," he stressed.

A period of 90 days of interrogation was set, While the police continue to carry out procedures to find those responsible for the attack left by a clerk hospitalized at Carabineros Hospital.

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