Wednesday , January 20 2021

Two ingredients of coffee can help, in combination, fight Parkinson's

Scientists from Rutgers University, New Jersey, have recently published a study that will add a list of reasons A good idea to enjoy a cup of coffee In the mornings.

According to the results, a component of coffee with caffeine can be used Fighting of Parkinson's and Dementia by Gopi Levy, Two neurodegenerative diseases currently without medication. The study, published in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that a combination of the two components can be a therapeutic option against neuronal degeneration.

Beyond caffeine

The most important thing in this study is that it is beyond caffeine. Coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of Parkinson's disease, and although it is this chemical that gets the most attention, the truth is that The coffee contains 100 ingredients Whose qualities can be interesting.

In previous studies, the same scientists looked at A fatty acid derived from serotonin, called EHT And that it was found in waxing coverage of coffee beans, and they discovered that EHT is able to protect the brains of mice from the accumulation of proteins that are characteristic of Parkinson's dementia of Lewy bodies.

On this occasion, asked her staff EHT and caffeine can work together to protect the brain. They gave the mice small doses of EHT and caffeine separately or together, and observed that each of them was not effective, but by managing them together they increased the effect of a catalyst that prevents harmful accumulation of proteins in the brain.

Further research to correct the doses

This indicates that binding of caffeine with EHT is a capable combination Stop or at least slow down the progression of these diseases, Which may be very useful, as today the treatments focus on Parkinson's patients in treating their symptoms, but they are ineffective in protecting the brain or stopping the disease.

However, scientists recognize that much research is still needed to ensure the mechanism by which this protection occurs Some of these compounds will be needed To get the desired effect on people. The calculation must be accurate to avoid excess caffeine that may have other types of harmful effects.

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