Wednesday , August 4 2021

Up to 12 million per year it costs to study in one of 10 schools with the best PSU score

up $ 12 million a year costs to attend one of the 10 schools With the best score last University Selection Test (PSU), Which is sold by more than 246 thousand young people.

This is roughly the value of The Grange School, Which achieved an average of 688.8 points Where annual tuition costs 246.80 UF: Nearly seven million Weights, According to the newspaper Mercury.

In addition, the establishment of La Reina seeks a quota of incorporation of more than 5 million pesos, A bit more 358 thousand pesos As well as administrative admission fees exceeding 137 thousand pesos.

According to the ranking developed each year by Catholic University of Valparaíso, Out of the 10 schools that received the best grade, only the Liso Augusto D'Elmer – which in addition achieved the best result of the municipality – is an institution not paid.

Parental centers

According to the newspaper, the other schools represent payment A minimum of almost two and a half million annual.

This is the case, for example College Constitution, In the same commune of the Maule region, where tuition was required 1,980,000, Registration of 215 thousand pesos And the incorporation quota of 275,650 pesos.

The case of Francisco Ancena School, From uuñoa, which was the second best result of the list, does not include integration fees, but one for the general parent center of 34 thousand pesos a year To make the registry efficient.

Meanwhile, Cambridge College Providencia – which is in the first place in the ranking, averaging 707.5 points on the test – requires a total spend of more than 4 million pesos per year.

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