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Valdivia's environmental court suspends the explosion at Isla Riesco


Through a statement it was reported that the environmental court of Valdivia decreed on this Saturday, the precautionary measure of suspension of the effects of the decision of the environmental impact rating (RCA) of the project "Incorporation of the explosion as a complementary method of mechanical extraction of sterile material appointed Invierno, In the Magellans region. "

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According to La Tercera detailed, the index was asked by Gabriella Simonetti Grez and others in a lawsuit filed against the decision of the Director General of Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) which negated the negative rating of the environmental impact statement of the said project.

Photo: Lehavim

Photo: Lehavim

It was late last September that Environmental Assessment Service Reported it Decided to reject the lawsuit filed by the neighbors of the commune of Rio Verde, Represented by Diego Lilo and Ezio Costa, Who sought to prohibit the execution of a blast in the operation of Mina Inverino Isla Risco

As outlined by those who are not against the blasting method, this system can affect the paleontological component, as it was noticed in the process of participation of citizens in the environmental impact statement.

The deposit that will be hit by the explosion is in the Loreto building, which is a large paleontological value.

According to La Tercera, the Environmental Court stated in a statement that "it is considered that the requested index is appropriate to prevent the risk of destruction of palentological findings that could be a value of uniqueness."

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Valdivia's environmental court considered the measure disproportionate and there were votes in favor of the ministers Villalobos Volpi and Michael Anteke Dumas. The only one who voted against was Minister Iván Hunter Ampuero, who considered the request "disproportionate".

Photo: Chile Mining

Photo: Chile Mining

After the decision of September 25 that possible explosion by my winter, 30 days were opened to appeal the verdict to the third environmental court of Vladivija, which became the permit in this last case.

Environmental organizations completely rejected the Environmental Assessment Service's decision, and explained it The use of explosives in Isla Risko "will exacerbate the effects in the area of ​​exploitation" and "prolong the socio-environmental damage Because he lives in different parts of Chile Where this coal is used to generate electricity. "

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This decision of the Environmental Court is a victory for these environmental groups and a new retreat for the winter mine.

Infection in Quintero and Puchuncaví

The determination of Valdivia's environmental court takes place within the context of the national level protests due to the pollution situation in areas classified as "victims", where some people go daily to the emergency services of health services drunk by poor air quality due to the polluters operating the companies operating there.

It was Director of Greenpeace, Mathias Disaster, Because in this case, when the use of the explosion was approved in Isla Riesco, he assured that "the government subsidized only private company to produce fossil fuels at a low price and can continue to be a profitable business (…) The most serious thing is that this decision occurs in the middle of the environmental crisis in Quinto and Puchuncaví, where its inhabitants are poisoned in part by coal that actually comes from Isla Riesco. With the blades approved, it is only expected that more coal will reach this area of ​​sacrifice. "

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