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Van Riesselberg incidentally meeting: "I just want it clarified as soon as possible"


God Senator and President of the UDI, Klein van Rieselberga, He referred to his quote as Imputation By Bribery and tax fraud On the edge of Association of Fishing Industry (Asipes) Of the Korpska case.

The parliamentary was called to the other March 29, A date he said – is not suitable for him, and therefore will seek to change this, although he confirmed that he intends to declare.

According to the senator, who was interrogated about his connections with the assemblies and not the fishing law,I was not parliamentary when I worked the law of fishing, so I can hardly do anything With this. "

"The plaintiff has received a complaint, he must investigate, I think it's a good thing that I'm investigating and we're ready to cooperate And that's what I did, "he said.

Asked whether she would use her right to remain silent, parliament said, "No, What I want is that I hope it will be clarified as soon as possible"

Sen. Van Rieselberga was a member of Parliament and headed the Senate Fishing Committee when she received e-mails from her friend, Luis Felipe Moncade, Who gave him instructions on how to process a law that enjoyed the art fishing sector.

In one of the letters, the senator wrote that "It seems that the important indications we have are integrated. Do you think that the indication that you sent me should also be presented?"

In addition, a former consultant with him is faced with a complaint about the theft that promises He himself transferred the payments to the senator.

RN: Plaintiffs are very wrong many times

Meanwhile, the current deputy was also quoted Frank Sauerbaum (RN), Which was not parliamentary when he introduced Moncada to the deputies of the National Library of Innovation but sent emails with the then leader of the fishing industry who passed money through a brother's company.

Munkada told Surabaum that "Bound for changing carpets And next year we will change the sky and the painting, "according to one of the e-mail messages.

In this line, the president of the RN, Mario Desbordes, Warned that " Citing a person as an accused person does not even mean there is a strong responsibility, not even. Formalization does not even mean that it was founded, but only a piece of information to inform the person being interrogated, and therefore, while there is nothing concrete The party has nothing to do"

"Plaintiffs are making a huge effort to repair, They are very wrong and several times"Ask.

From Asipes, where Felipe Moncada no longer participates, they do not want to comment on the quote as imputed MPs of Chile Vamos.

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