Friday , January 22 2021

Vidal, M. is postponed to simulate in Barcelona

"The board sees him as a very profitable player," says Joseph Maria Posta, an adviser to Captain Bartomoo.

Arthur's injury and Ivan Rakeit's red red, in a 4-3 defeat to Betis, mark the point of restraint in Arturo Vidal's first season with Barcelona.

After that, the Chilean liaison found a place in the titular crew. And he took it. Give him the aggression the team needed, and become the most profitable boost of the year.

The beginning was complicated. The player's own posts on social networks led to division in the Barca board. From a actor who acts in public he has become a star, without scales.

So much so that the technical secretariat was the main defender of the player, the cheapest reinforcement that one more minutes in the last month with the first team.

"The board sees him as a very profitable player, and although he is not talking about soccer issues, the president is very pleased with the work force and the work he is doing, including Vidal," said Maria Maria Posta, presidential adviser to Cola.

"He's a very good player who does not cheat, with an aggressive game that gives Barka another rhythm.

That Vidal had made a great impression on the hististics of a table in Lagrange. So Cuarta admits to Freako Alonso, the former defensive midfielder of the team and father of Xabi Alonso, a member of Chile at Bayern Munich.

"Vidal is a full, competitive player with great strength … he has come and remove … this is a star that sooner or later was going to fit into Barcelona painting." He has the advantage of providing a higher speed and tiki taka that has been characteristic of this team. Because he must be a place in the program Valverde, "says former Hispanic National.

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