Friday , January 15 2021

What are the benefits of 4G calls that WOM implemented only?

We discussed with the company the differences about existing applications for similar functions.

A few hours ago, WOM announced that the 4G voice call service, called WiFi, is now available. However, there are still doubts about the benefits of this mechanism. That's why we're talking to the company.

Basically, the firm noted that the new support will increase speed by at least twice, it will not be an additional cost available for prepaid and postpaid plans. Sang Park, terminal manager, said the following Firewire on the supporting equipment is modal:

This is not just for high-end equipment. We have equipment under 50 thousand pesos that works. The idea is that it is something inclusive. The only condition is that the equipment is compatible. In fact, all groups released from 2019 will come with this function (see the list of main groups here).

It must connect to some wireless connection and it works by discriminating on the basis of connection quality, to see if the call complements it with 4G or WiFi. It adds options so that you have a better quality.

Although the company noted that prices will not rise, there is doubt. It can be assumed that for an average user, it can be easier to use any application that allows calls, such as WhatsApp to use this function, paying only the cost of the data. In view of this reality, Sang Park told us that the system are more supportive and versatile:

It's about simplicity. There are times when the minutes are reduced, but you can Call landlines, you can use emergency services and things WhatsApp does not meet. For example, we can call a person who has a 2G phone on a computer that only serves the voice.

In addition, being native, in theory, the Calls tend to use less battery than voice-based solution over an IP application. It is installed on the software of the native group And you can see an icon if you're talking about 4G or Wi-Fi; It is transparent to the customer.

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