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Which communes go up to stage 4 today on Saturday, July 24th? | national

There are more than thirty communes today Proceed to step 4 In a step-by-step program and more than twenty Proceed to step 3.

Although the Ministry of Health announced the phase changes on Thursday, the entity has determined that the progress and breaks will take effect on 05:00 hours this coming Saturday, July 24th.

Below you can review the communes that changed phase at dawn:

Which communes go up to stage 2?

The four communes that Proceed to the transition son:

– Llay-Llay, in the Valparaíso area

– Hualañé, in the Maul region

– Galvarino, in the area of ​​La Araucanía

Rio Negro, in the Los Lagos area

Communes go up to stage 2
Government of Chile

Which communes go up to stage 3?

26 Communes Q. Proceed to preparation In the step-by-step program they are:

– Shaken, in the Antofagasta area

– Ovalle, Paiguano and La Higuera, in the Kokwimbo area

– Puchuncaví, Los Andes, Putaendo, San Felipe, Nogales, Calera, San Esteban, Calle Larga and El Quisco, Valparaíso

Christmas, in the O’Higgins area

– Parral, Yerbas Buenas and San Clemente, in the Maule area

– Quilleco, Curanilahue and Yumbel, in the Bío Bío area

Sucker, in the La Araucania area

San Pablo and Delcoa, in the Los Lagos area

Porto Seasons, Koichaika and Eisen, in the Eisen area

Communes are advancing Phase 3
Government of Chile

Which communes go up to stage 4?

31 Communes Q. Proceed to opening son:

– Tokofila and Majilons, in the Antofagasta region

Los Villas, in the Kokimbo area

– Doñihue, Marchihue, Pumanque, Paredones, Palmilla, Requinoa, San Vicente, Peralillo, Lolol, Santa Cruz, San Fernando, Coltauco, Nancagua, Chimbarongo, Quinta de Tilcoco and Placilla, O’Higgins

Kuriko, in the Maul area

– Chillán, Chillán Viejo and Ñiquén, in the Ñuble area

Santa Barbara and Antoko, in the Biobio area

Victoria, Angol and Renault, in the La Araucania region

Puerto Monte, Maolin and Coraco de Vales, in the Los Lagos area

Communes are advancing Phase 4
Government of Chile

Which communes retreat from stage 4 to stage 3?

According to what was announced by the government, only three communes Return to preparation In a step-by-step program. He’s about Palna, Potalaupo and Hohlaya, All from the Los Rios area

Communes return to stage 3
Government of Chile

Which communes return to stage 2?

As reported by the authorities, only two communes Return to the aisle.

One of them is the commune of Santo Domingo, Belonging to the region and to Praiso. While the other is From Lipioko, From the area of ​​La Araucania.

Communes repeat step 2
Government of Chile

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