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With refusal to sign the global migration agreement Piñera kills festival immigrants

Three days after the publication of the fourth edition of the Migrantes Festival, organized by the Ministry of Cultures, the Interior Ministry and the Santiago municipality, two of its main characters, considered the major events at the event and sealed the festival. Of the program because of the government's policy of opting out of the UN's International Migration Alliance, although the Ministry of Cultures insisted that the festival not be suspended, the withdrawal of Nano Stern and Lega – who are the ones who draw the largest public frame – actually hints at the death of the event. In Stern, Stern attributed his decision to "the undisputed statements of the Chilean government regarding the rights of migrant workers." For his part, Gapa said, "It is important that such spaces be maintained and strengthened, but it must be a genuine wish that unfortunately does not appear Included in the current speech of the government. "

Gapa and Nano Stern, who led the announcement of the fourth festival Migrantes in the Almagro Park, which takes place on Saturday since noon, announced on Wednesday that they were cut off from the event in protest against the decision of the government of Sebastien Pinera not adhere to the UN immigration treaty, of 150 countries.

In a statement published in the Instagram, Stern attributed his decision to "the unconscionable statements of the Chilean government regarding the rights of migrant workers."

For his part, Gafeh said about the festival that "it is important that there are such spaces and will be strengthened, but for this there must be a real desire that unfortunately does not appear at all in the current speech of the government."

"We have to put the subject to a discussion, look at it deeply, because in the end discriminated against are always those who come from places with fewer resources than ours … and that, in a country where we all have mixed blood, is not the wealth value that other cultures have given us."

The music Anna Teague Wax, meanwhile, though did not participate in the event, has published some fluent phrases on his social network Instagram: "I was born an immigrant in another country / I returned immigrant / immigrant poetry around the world / because immigration is as natural as breathing."

Thus, when the two artistic numbers are missing, Pinera, meticulously, kills the immigrant festival, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, the Ministry of the Interior and the municipality of Santiago.


Stern said that "in a scenario of intolerance and continuing violations of the rights of migrants," he considered it "unacceptable" to participate in public activity aimed at promoting integration and raising awareness of the situation of minorities.

"We deeply regret the events, especially given the sincere commitment of those who have driven the festival in the past four years," he said.

"In this decision we join all those people and organizations working to advance the discussion and deepen the debate on immigration, and we express our readiness and our absolute commitment to move together toward a more just, multicultural and tolerant society." .

Contradictory speech

Gapa, for his part, believed that the position presented by the current government these days is inconsistent with the spirit sought by this initiative since its inception.

The artist lamented the statements of some government officials, who deny the liberty of every individual to choose to move from his homeland.

For the artist, the discourse of celebratory multiculturalism is contradictory at a time when measures have been taken to restrict the entry of people from other countries who regard Chile as an alternative to improving their quality of life.


The intercultural festival includes concerts by Paz Quintana and Getembo, among other immigrant or soloist groups, which were part of the shaping processes of the popular immigrant schools for music by the Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage.

The celebration, which will take place on Saturday, December 15, between 12: 00-22: 00, also includes a gastronomic fair, children's play areas, handicraft exhibition and Impacta Migrajion Fair.

Culture Minister Consolo Valdes emphasized the role of culture in the integration policy of immigrants living in Chile.

Official response

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Culture, for its part, reaffirmed the implementation of the event, but without the participation of its main numbers and closed the show.

"There will only be a schedule adjustment, which ends at 20:00 instead of 10:00 pm, because of the reduced performances on the board," said an entity official regarding the musicians' resignation.

"The festival's music bulletin board will continue to be responsible for immigrant musicians such as Ralph Martin Batiste (Haiti), Arie Natibu, Paz Quintana and Getembo (Colombia) among others."

"As an office we believe culture should be a meeting place, and for this reason we want to take advantage of the opportunity that this means more than 50 immigrant entrepreneurs to meet at the gastronomic and artistic fair associated with the festival," he said. From the State Secretariat.

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