Friday , January 15 2021

Women are girls with a pirate Gust of 300 years and now want to expel

It was in 2016 that A woman posing as a sparrow He stunned the world when he discovered that he was Signed marriage with the spirit of a real pirate, Who would instill fear in Haiti for more than 300 years.

Amanda Teige, 45 years old, She met "Geek," when in 2014 the wind appeared to her as she lay down. Through the medium, he was able to communicate with the ghost, which years ago had been abandoned on the altar, and which eventually died and executed for the crime of theft.

However, with the passing of time, Amanda began to feel love for the spirit, To the point of falling in love and finally getting Get married in international waters, In a ceremony led by a shaman.

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Yet, All love seemed to have disappeared after the woman discovered that the marriage was over. Mother of 5 children, a product of previous marriages, published on social networks "It was time for everyone to know that my marriage was over"

"I will explain everything when the time comes, but for now, All I want to say is to be very careful when venturing into spiritualityIt's not easy… "Teige sank deep.

He said, Ghost Pirates He had severe sepsis that took him to the hospital and kept him in bed for six months, A period where according to the woman they did not communicate, revealed the Irish look.

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