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World Diabetes Day, not at all sweet figures that alarm

World Diabetes Day, not at all sweet figures that alarm

It is estimated that in Mexico 90 percent of the cases are attributed to overweight and obesity.

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As you well know, diabetes mellitus It chronic disease That comes from pancreas Does not synthesize the amount insulin Because the body needs.

There are 3 types:

  1. Type 1 diabetes: The pancreas does not produce insulin.
  2. Type 2 diabetes: The pancreas does not produce enough insulin or insulin does not work properly.
  3. Gestational diabetes: A temporary condition occurs when insulin of women is less effective during pregnancy.

Unfortunately on Mexico 13.9% of adults have diabetes, 17% diabetes And 3 out of 10 adults have normal glucose level, according to a representative survey conducted by the Mexico City Government in 2015 in conjunction with National Institute of Public Health (INSP).

IMSS finds 15 new cases of diabetes per hour

within World Diabetes Day As for the commemoration of today November 14, the doctor Dalia Elisa Arauj & Escendon, The epidemiologist of the special diabetes clinic located in the city Miguel Hidalgo explained the situation:

The pancreas stops producing insulin, which causes blood glucose levels to rise exponentially and blood test we can find 500 or 1,000 mg per deciliter. They should take immediate care, Since they may have serious complications of organic functioning, even up to Diabetes and Diabetes"Said Dr. Araug & Escandón.

This disease is more frequently identified among women ranging from 25 to 65 years. She believed that there is a higher prevalence in this genre because they are the ones that help the doctor more than men.

The above does not mean that men have fewer men diagnosed with diabetes, but when they are diagnosed the disease is much more advanced and exhibit greater deterioration, so they have Higher mortality rate, He stressed.

For this reason, it is very necessary to perform Annual reviews To identify potential anomalies in time.

Mexico City is part of the international initiative "Cities change diabetes", Was created to treat diabetes in cities with the highest prevalence, where solutions are shared and concrete actions of detection, prevention and treatment of overweight, obese, diabetes and pre-diabetes patients are promoted.

Health Secretariat of CDMX Grants Ongoing training for doctors Of 220 health centers in 16 demarcated, as well as in hospitals for promotion, prevention, timely detection, as well as therapeutic adherence, which is fundamental to the comprehensive treatment of the situation.

It is estimated that in Mexico 90 percent of the cases are attributed Excess weight and obesity.

  • Here we give you some tips to avoid it.
  • Lose weight and try to keep it.
  • Follow a healthy eating plan
  • Do the daily exercise
  • Do not smoke
  • Often visit the doctor
  • Leave processed food on the side

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