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You want to sleep all night? Follow these tips

God Insomnia This is one of the biggest problems affecting thousands of people. The nervousness increases when you try to fall asleep and do not succeed, and you get into a crazy spiral Find out the reason that keeps you from resting. Personal problems, stress, worries … as well as the Excessive use of new technologies They have a negative effect on insomnia.

Rest is essential to our physical and mental health. It does not just matter how much we sleep, but how we do it. Our bodies need to sleep to perform the next day. And that sleep has to have a price; "Sleep is essential for mental, physical and mental health," said Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert for Wyspring. "Sleep deprivation is more related Risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, lack of motivation and bad reflexes, bad mood, nervousness and depression"

Keep the new technologies sleeping away if you're looking for a good night's sleep. Photos of Getty

The habit makes the monk, even the subjects of the dream

Leading experts advise following a set of bedtime guidelines or habits that, if done correctly, can be a turning point in people's success. Some of the following tips are:

  • God The bed should be comfortable, With a mattress adapted to each person's measurements. Keep in mind that this is one of the main ingredients to achieve proper rest.
  • Avoid watching the horizon in the roomn since you will unconsciously look at it and you will increase the feeling that you can not sleep.
  • Identify disturbing elements of the dream environment (stress, bad habits in the day, etc.), be aware that they exist and try to eliminate them.
  • Be aware that go to sleep, body and mind They must be calm.
  • Stay active during the day, practicing sports such as yoga. Choose a sport that is smooth and perform it in the afternoon rather than at night.
  • Avoid long fluctuations (maximum 10 to 15 minutes), Severe swallowing and alcohol or coffee before bedtime.

Make your bedroom into a kind of temple and remove all the elements that can change your sleep. Photos of Getty

  • It is important to establish enough The daily routine during sleep. This will help the brain to know when it is time to put aside worries and stress. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time, even at the end of the week.
  • Do not use bed to work, eat, watch TV or study … Just to sleep.
  • With a good daily routine, the dream appears. It is not advisable to force yourself to look for it, since the opposite effect is created.
  • The room must have been a Kind of "temple" and the environment should be relaxing (The electronic devices must be turned off). Keep your room at a comfortable temperature and keep it dark during sleep.
  • If you do not sleep at last, the best He gets up, being active for a few minutes and going back to bed.
  • before bed Make a list of all the things you need to do the next day, So you can free your mind.
  • Moderate dinner and at least 1 hour before bedtime. If you go to sleep hungry or too full it will be very difficult to fall asleep.

It changes quality more than quantity

As for bedtime, Dr. Stanley says it's not so important how many hours you sleep, but the quality of that time. "It's a myth that 8 hours of sleep are required every day, it depends on the conditions of each person"Says the Doctor, who adds," Some people work well with three hours, while others need eleven. For me, a good night's sleep is what leaves you cool in the morning more productive during the day. "

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