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YouTube: Nintendo wins emulation battle and demands more than $ 12 million video compensation | roms | Lovers of lovetro Emuparadise Emulators iz number yugamer video games


Nintendo won a lawsuit for the sites Love and Love. A lawsuit filed in July this year. The Arizona court noted that Jacob and Crtian Mathias, who ran the two sites, are Guilty To violate the Copyright Of Nintendo and now have to pay the full amount of $ 12.23 million compensation for damages caused to the company to distribute The Romans.

Everyone remembers the scandal that Nintendo reported about their claims against Web sites Love and Love, One of the first steps of the plumber's company in its crusade against the sites of The Romans and Emulators, Which will cause parallel sites like Unnamed: Emuparadise and Abandon your offer The Romans Or eventually disappear.

Nintendo is in demand

Nintendo lovers

Apparently, Nintendo has been able to make an important step in its mission, as it has just won the requirement that I link to the first two sites mentioned: Love and Love, Which must pay more than $ 12 billion in compensation for damages.

In July this year, the world of video games echoes, especially in the dedicated sectors Emulation And the preservation of past titles, when Nintendo filed a lawsuit against some unknown websites to offer The Romans (Digital copies of video games) and emulators. This has made popular sites suddenly close the surprise of the fans.

It was only a few weeks later that there was another blow from the large, albeit indirect, NAP. Unnamed: Emuparadise, Perhaps the complete and complete portal among those who proposed The Romans And downloads of video games also closed the doors, although only of its section downloads but not all its content.

The news fell like a bucket of cold water for many fans. On the site itself, the creator of Unnamed: Emuparadise He claimed that the closure of his site was to prevent a lawsuit, something Nintendo would warn him. However, he expressed a grateful feeling of support and welcome that fans have given to stand for years. He also mentioned that he had received letters from soldiers in the service, who claimed to remember great moments from his childhood that brought down his childhood games while they were in the eye of the conflict or in the war itself.


Emintaradise simulator nintendo

The same creator of Unnamed: Emuparadise He left a significant message on the site then, called "Emuparadise is changing", And where she, among other things, confirms:

"We do not want to risk these devastating consequences. I can not, with good conscience, endanger the future of our teammates who have contributed to the site over the years. We kept Emuparadise on loving the retro games so you can visit those good moments. It is now possible to do such a thing in a way that makes everyone happy and distances us from problems. "

Reviews have not been long in coming in all kinds of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Many claim that Nintendo offers nothing among its many services that can compensate for the loss of availability for the millions of games that were present on these pages. Classic examples are translations made by fans for games that never had an official translation, or even, never launched for the West, as in the case of Mother 3 (the second sequel to Earthbound) for Super Nintendo, to mention a few in many cases.

Weeks later, another huge and well known site of The Romans Falls, again as a preventative before the threat of Nintendo: Theosis. Another popular site that not only had games but also guides of all kinds for the community. In this case, the entire site was canceled by its creators for alleged internal quarrels.

Perhaps the most serious of the matter is what different industry analysts mention when they point directly Nintendo Wii As a society that offers nothing to preserve. At the launch of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, which promised games of NES, Many expected a large catalog of them, but the results were disappointing.

Nintendo roms

Nintendo roms

It should be noted that the mentioned sites not only offered video games of Nintendo Wii, But other companies' consoles, such as Sega, Sony PlayStation and infinity of games and systems of companies that do not even exist anymore. So the issue of licensing is not clear. However, the patent law does not classify video games, treating them like intellectual pieces of any kind. For every video game to be declared "public domain" it should have been 75 years since its inception. The first commercial video in history, Pong, has not yet reached 50 years.

The Peruvian channel Yugramer posted a video on YouTube when news of the partial closure of YouTube Unnamed: Emuparadise, Which you can see here

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