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November 10, 2018 00:53 source News by topic: Beijing Morning News Participate in the interaction

Turned into Guangxi, Shougang won the gas

The judge's multiple punishments are confusing.

The ongoing dispute before the end of the game did not stop the men's basketball team in Beijing Shougang to become the leader! In the 9th round of the CBA regular season last night, the Shougang team stood under pressure in the last quarter and finally defeated the Jiangsu A-95-91 team, welcoming the first season of three wins this season. In another game, the Beijing Basketball Group Beijing Commercial Bank of Beijing, Yen lost the team at Bay 102-113.

Before the game, the referee "returned to the table"

Shougang team played 8-0 in less than 3 minutes. Guangxi's team played in the first half half to break the scoring drought. The remaining second is still a single digit. In the second half of the year, the Shogang team increased the difference to two digits, at the end of the section led 22 to 9. The team of Guangxi scored 5 points in the second quarter. Shougang's center led only 4 points in the middle of this section, but with the help of successful defense the ball passed through the patient and the attack was made within 3 minutes in the second half. Re-open the point difference. Liu Xiao-jou made 3 of 3 shots at the end of the quarter, and the Shogang team finished the half with a 46-36 lead.

In the second half of the second half of the Guangxi team, the difference of points was reduced to single digits, and the game entered the devoted pace. The Guangxi team only pursued only 4 points, Shougang double aid team twice in the third quarter on the attack, joined forces to score 18 points in 22 points of the team, the team is still with 10 points into the last quarter. Guangsha team did not continue to chase points As in the second and third quarters, the first half of the Shogang Group dominated the pace, the Guangxi Group scored 9 points in less than two minutes in the second half, and the request approached again. For single digits. After catching the pressure on each opponent's game, the Shougang team almost locked the win at the last minute. However, after Xiao Xiaochuan rewrote the score to 94-87, the referee stopped the game and looked back into the confrontation between Jackson and Josh. And Yanxi at 56.5 seconds. The latter took off, a clear action on AJ's shoulders shoulder was found to be a violation of offense, and both teams were all judged to be illegal. In the last 19.5 seconds, the Guangxi team chased 91 to 93. In the ball conversion, Wang Juhui passed the ball in case of interruption and fell to the ground, Xiao Xiaochun claimed the basket and the Shugang team headed 4 points in the last 11.2 seconds. 4 seconds left, and the line was not in the middle, Liu Xiaoyu took the rebound and gave the opponent the first defeat of the season.

Key person

The first eight rounds of Guangsha's failed team scored more than 110 points last night, but the two times met with the Shogang men's basketball team, the score was not broken 100, last night was the first quarter and the result of the game became the low of the season. Coach Ianis praised the team for setting the tone of the game from the start of the game. "Even in the difficult situation of the winning moment, we still maintain our concentration." Voxong surrendered to the Porson 24+ 12 + 9 comprehensive data, but last night of 5 out of 0, only 14 points, led back to Shougang team of Wang Haohui successfully limit the opposing star players in two consecutive games, make the key to victory.

Hamilton scored 31 points and 11 rebounds, and became the team's first scoring point for two consecutive games: Jackson played a heavy role at the end of the attack in the second half of the last quarter, and contributed 26 points. Beijing Morning News reporter Liu Chen

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