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A redefinition of a "domineering president" is a continuous breakthrough of Shaohong – a global network –

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The old-fashioned "night" inspired drama, "Shao-Long," in its appearance, is now broadcast by Shahong and the male hero Chen Feiyu, who have been waging a high-energy fight in the Xiao-jiao, bringing a great crowd to cheer. With the wonderful appearance of Dr. Shaohong, character character character is clearly described in just a few minutes, and he said that school fans have highly appreciated figures.

The teacher, who came from Taiwan on Taiwan Island in 2014, has come to the mainland to develop. He is humorous and humorous in his life. He is also a little cute in his wisdom. He may hesitate to mention Shaohong's name, but you will not be familiar with Shaohong's Yan. Mr. Chaodong's character has appeared in many well-known film and television works, whether it's the father of a chauvinist obsessed with "My Friends Chen Beo," or "Aung," who decided to vote in "Give Me, Then behind the scenes boss Xu in "going on the road", Mr. Shaong's excellent game skills left a deep impression on everyone, and the "professional professional" is so good that many TV crews that comes to mind with a similar role is that the teacher Is that Shaohong, in addition to the image of his noble temperament refined, more reassuring about the old character plays.

The first time Mr. Shao-chung was in touch with the costume drama of the continent, he played the role of Li Xing-yun and Master Lu Linxuan, Yang Shouzi , In the drawing of the bad guys in the rivers and lakes, because the animation was very reconstructed. Figures, many viewers said that "it is for anime, but was accidentally surrounded by Shaong," the appearance of heroes and behavior of the love of the apostles and the care of selfless, the role of multi-faceted is Shaohong teacher grasp exactly right. In addition to these dramas, in "Drama and Television", "Romantic Star", "Ahuva", "Dear Archimedes" and "The Boulevard", "Duo Le Road" An unexpected role, and the answers await all.

The roles are similar but different from each other: It is not difficult to see the teacher's work is the one behind each character, and they carefully analyze the characteristics of the characters, accurately and accurately the roles, and focus on describing the inner world of the characters. The teacher will have rich experience and years of life. The precipitation rate is integrated in performance, and looks for every new breakthrough point, so every role in design is so natural. It is reported that the teacher is currently engaged by Ohhong to photograph "Little Serenade" and a partnership with Hen Chen and Dong. The three uncles playing Chen Chen. Yadong are music critics and coffee shop owners. They are music friends of Chen Chung and spiritual guides on the music road. People have a lot of opponents, and look forward to the wonderful performance of the new drama on the line.

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