Friday , January 22 2021

Alipay "蜻蜓" released! The interior of the restaurant can be used to buy food products – e-commerce – payment platform / Internet Finance

Without a wallet to come out, living with a mobile phone is no longer a new thing. With the popularity of new technologies, it may not even have to go out and buy things in the future. On December 13, on the day Shanghai Open Day Elifai Station,Alipay announced the launch of a new interior payer product – "蜻蜓", which directly reduces the cost of access of the internal payment brush by 80%.

M. In the future, whether it's a big hospital, a supermarket, a restaurant, a retail store brand, or a convenience store on the roadside, a couple's shop or even a food market, you can pay for your money by brushing your face.

Fast technology has learned thatThis product charge brush looks like a desk lamp, just replacing the "bulb" position is the book size brush display the face. Connect it to the cashier manually and place it on the checkout counter. Customers can quickly complete the face payment by pointing to the camera.

Zhong Hao, general manager of Alipay IoT Business Unit, introducedVolume of the product paid on the face "蜻蜓" is only a tenth of the original face self-cleaning machine, plug and play, and does not need to change the ERP system dealer.

MBut at the same time, it is more advanced in brushing technology:The built-in 3D optical camera is strenuous, faster and more accurate. Intelligent engine is upgraded, in a familiar and familiar environment, the user can complete the payment without entering the mobile phone number.

Since the beginning of the year, self-service POS machines with face-paying functions have been used in large-scale commercial scenarios such as retail, catering and medical care.

Lotus CP is the first supermarket to access the face payment of the elfai, said Yuan Linhua, vice president of marketing department, said.After the introduction of the facial brush payment, the cashier can maintain 3 funds that prescribe self-service, and the efficiency of cash handling is increased by 50%. According to the cashier's average salary of 3,200 yuan, the total cost of 13.44 million yuan can be saved annually.

In September this year, People's Hospital of Jiangxi People also launched 40 brush elliptical machines face interior Vice President Huo Yanan said that the upgrade experience brought by the facial payment brush shorten the turn time, eased the anxiety of patients, And registered. The window is clicked.

"Money collection code has greatly promoted the popularity of mobile payment.The purpose of this face payment product is to make the payment as the face money collection code, enter any normal store.

M. "Zhong Wei said that on the basis of drastic reduction of costs, Alipay is still testing various new models and continues to reduce the threshold for traders to use.

"Double 11" data of the year show that payment of up to 60% of the surface area and fingerprints has become mainstream, that is, the era of the biofinance has arrived. Dr. Pen Helen, Ph.D. in applied economics at the Chinese Academy of Finance Sciences, believes that face-to-face payment is safer and more convenient than the payment of the password, with further reduction of the threshold, surface payment will explode in the next three years.


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