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Astronomers first discover a strange planet orbiting three stars Three Star System | Planets


[שושלת טאנג החדשה בבייג’ינג 17 באוקטובר 2021]Astronomers have previously discovered extrasolar planets in binary systems and three stars orbiting one of the stars. An astronomical research team has announced that it has discovered the first strange planet orbiting three stars.

Our solar system has only one star, and all the planets revolve around the sun. Astronomers have now discovered that, in fact, about half of the star systems in the universe consist of two or three stars. These stars form a system under each other’s gravitational pull.

Scientists have also discovered planets from these multi-star systems, and they all revolve around one of the stars. The planet discovered in this study revolves around three stars, making scientists feel very strange. No one has ever discovered it before.

The Samsung system, named GW Ori code, is only 1,300 light-years from Earth. From observational data from the Atacama Millimeter Large Wave Array Telescope (ALMA) in Chile, the researchers found that there are three dust rings around the system. According to existing planetary birth theory, scientists know that this type of dust ring is a nursery for birth stars.

One of the key researchers, Jeremy Smallwood, a doctoral student in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, said they found a clear and unusual space in these dust rings.

“We think this is proof that a huge planet (or even a few) was born there. This planet (some) separates this dust disk from an inner ring and an outer ring. And these planets (some) are the first planet discovered in a three-star orbit.”

The discovery was published in monthly announcements by the Royal Astronomical Society on September 17th.

Researchers believe that planets born on such a dusty disk are likely to be huge gas stars like Jupiter. The existing theory believes that gaseous planets will usually be born in stellar systems, and rocky planets like Earth will be born later.

The research team stated that they will continue to analyze the data from ALMA to learn more about the GW Ori system and confirm whether one or more planets were born there.

In the famous science fiction movie “Star Wars”, the two suns set on the planet Tatuan, the hometown of the Skywalker family, are stunning. In the real world, the planet LTT 1445Ab detected by astronomers has three suns in the sky, but it only revolves around one of the suns. The new discoveries now show that the original real world is more wonderful than the world of science fiction.

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