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Attention: Gunners Name: Özil Already like ghosts for two years – Liverpool, Essen, for two years, I – I understand English Premier League

2018-12-28 21:59:37 Source: Understand English Premier League

Original title: Attention: The name of the cannons: Özil has been like a ghost for two years

Arsenal and team reporter John Cross reported: After a 1-1 draw, Arsenal star Petite criticized Ozil, who was replaced by half, he said that the weekly salary is 350,000 pounds. The performance of the relationship in the last two years is slim.

"Ozil was taken in half, I admire him, but he has been a spirit for two years in the last two years, it was the best time to create so many goals … Where did Assel go with the helpers? I think he lost his ambition to fight and could not find him anymore."

Petite also criticized Arsenal's defense: "The defensive end is only the standard of the average team, some ridiculous mistakes, the injury is no excuse, most of the international players."

"You can not play half an hour for Liverpool, you have to concentrate on 90 minutes, especially on the road, and do not expect to use that you are used to dealing with, May will lose 3-4," Petite said.

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