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Called "knowledge", wigs have little effect on the value of Zhao Liying – without worrying information

I said that at the end of the year, the entertainment stars were rushing to appear, I did not expect the film industry to admit defeat. Since the "great rivers and rivers" have achieved good results, another great IP drama was launched at noon ~ Yes, it is all who expect forward "I know if it should be green, fat and thin."

The show was on Christmas Eve 25, until four episodes were played yesterday, and the current rankings are not bad.

This is the second Great Drama of the Year, and is still the first post-marriage performance with Feng Shaofeng, according to this rating, or Ling is going to be the Queen of the Year.

There are a total of 73 episodes of "knowledge" (do not be afraid to be afraid, Xiao Xiao also thinks it's a bit scary), and is currently only updated in Chapter Four. Let's first come along with a small to understand product.

"Knowledge" is a novel of the same name adapted from the chaos of concern. The original novel is about the civil court clerk Yao Yai, who passed through the mud and became six Miss Sheng Minglin born in Shangpu. After midnight in ancient times, Yao Yai (also known as the drama version of Sheng Minglin) was initially negative, but under the pressure of everyone, Yao Yiyi finally began to stand on his feet.

The novel "Knowledge" is especially popular among readers and is always considered a classic of the land field.

There is a palace in ancient times, "Dajiang River" has fighting village fighting factory, "knowledge" has reached the house, it seems that everyone is very interested in "fighting".

The drama version of "Yeda" removes the transition element and tells the story of Sheng Minglin directly. He tells the story of growth, love and marriage through her bureaucratic family Minglin. Shang Minglin became a strenuous legend of inspiring women in a family home, under the ancient system of ethics, which is consistent with the main plot of the novel.

The first chapter began from the moment Ming was a child, and her mother and Liaoning had three bedrooms, and her position in the family was the lowest, and even the coal block burned in winter would be reduced.

Although the large house wife Wang De Niangzi has the highest class in the family, but the other room Lin Xiao Niang has the deepest heart, and she very fond of the master, and the key card also in her hands. The three-room coal fire and food are the deduction of two rooms, but Wei Xiao-yang knows the danger of home, and always refuses to say it, even if she is pregnant, she will try her best to do nothing.

I did not expect the coal wing I wanted to come to not have been heated. For everyone to feel comfortable, Wei Xiaoyang decided to take out her dowry and take it out. Xiao Minglin refused to take it, and offered to use these coal blocks for cooking to replace the charcoal fire.

You can see that at the same time, even if you were married to a wealthy pregnant family, it would be unfair treatment as a beggar.

On the same day, Yuan Jiat, Earl of Tokyo Zhongqin, came to hire Shenglan, Hualan's eldest daughter, but the Count Count Yuan Jia did not personally come to Yangzhou to recruit, but only sent the eldest son Yuan Wenchun to come.

Everyone looks at the boy who knows the circle, he is Go Tingio (that is, when Feng Shaofeng plays as a child), and suddenly he thinks he is a Korean actor Kim Su Hyun.

Okay, let's get down to business, and let me know what to do.

The singer of Scorpio Sheng, Changfeng, is a pit, and the white scorpion is more likely to lose the dowry than the caster.

Surprisingly, Minglin took over the pot and got up, won the day and saved the groom for his sister.

Later, when Ming Lan sent something to his father, he begged his father to look at Wei Xiaoyang.

Sheng then went to see Wei Xiaoyang, waiting to feel that Wei in the house of Xiaoyang began to persuade him to return to the house in an attempt to evade coal in the house. However, Minglin was really distressed by her mother, and she cried to her father and said that there was no coal fire at home.

Ming Lan told Sheng Sheng that they were arrested yesterday.

Ming Lan also said Sheng Sheng that food is often missing, but Wei Xiaoniang hid her condition.

Sheng Hao immediately went to the question Lin Xiaoniang, and Lin Xiaoniang claimed that she never stopped Wei Xiaoniang.

Lin Xiao-yang, who is around Lin Xiaoyang, also said she would use her money to give her two or two nests of a bird each month to take care of Weiaiang Wei.

Lin Xiaoyang's complaints, little understanding, almost all believe.

Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation, and found that the discarded samples were hidden in the room of Lin Xiaoyang's personal servant.

Wei Xiao-yang claimed that he would not believe it, but Shengyu did not believe that Xu Xiaoyang knew that someone had deliberately defined him and could only beg Wang Wang to stay in Kyodiya. Sheng Sheng did not want to do any great things, he took out Jiyudi.

Unexpectedly, when the matter of the Sheng family was not well cared for, it suddenly reported that Sheng Changbai was beaten.

Sheng Sheng officially reported, Yuan Wenchun saw the adults begged to find the missing white, that is the second son of Houyu Ningyuan in Tokyo, and Tingi, changed his name to Bailu for the convenience of the road!

When the adults heard the name, they were worried, they immediately closed the city, and even if they had evacuated Yangzhou, they would have found Go Tingio!

Lin Xiangyang was frightened and asked the doctor to come, and she also asked the doctor to take a look at the protective lady. If she had something wrong with her, she would tell her she would not be afraid to frighten the guardian.

Lin Xiaoyang does two more Scorpions to Wei Niangzi to send the past, and says she went to Wuyunyang where she is, and can not be three or four, the master and servant look, but they all understand each other.

This house is not lost to the palace, and I feel only more and more exciting.

The next day, the city of Yangzhou began a large-scale search and arrest, but did not see Goo Tingyi half-hair. Soon after, I found the body of Go Tingshi, saying that it was a long time to notice, but there was a signal in it, and it was struggling underwater.

On the day of the White House's death, Gu Ting took a garment and arrived with his grandfather, the white grandfather, who handed over the family.

The bait insisted that the old white man had made him an heir, and both sides argued that the two adults had to bring out the personal letter of Bai Lautai and Go Ting to identify with the letter.

After Go Ting-gou continued to issue the letter because the dead mother had accused Biting of an early attack on the family property, some people had already been removed from the genealogy, and everyone had recognized Gao Ting's identity.

Both Ms. Sheng and Sheng Sheng were outside, Wei Xiaoyang always wanted to give Ming where to go to the old lady to serve, but Ming Lan did not want to leave Niang, the two had an argument, Wei Weyong was suddenly angry. I have to be born.

Lin Xiaoyang received the news and hurried away, Minglan hurried and turned, the midwife was a little disturbing, she found an excuse to run temporarily. Unnamed: Ming Lan personally ran out to find Langzhong.

I ran down the road and met Go Tingio on the road. After Gio Tingio became aware of the matter, he immediately took Minglan's fast horse and went to look for Lang-Gong.

After many difficulties, I finally asked Langzhong, and as a result no one responded to the Sheng family, and then untied the rope and climbed into the yard, which led Langzhong to Wei Niangzi.

Lin Xiangyang was shocked, regardless of housekeeper Xiao Niang crying, she accused the two of how to enter the inner court. Gu Ting was lazy and explained to her, and the little girl was beaten, and Lin Xiaoyang was willing to give up.

Lang told Wu Xiaoyang that the boy in his mother's womb killed Wei Xiaoyang. Wei Niang held Sheng Minglin's hand tightly, let her take the embroidered knee pads to Go Tinggou, and left the woven painting to Shang Minglin.

Sheng Minglin's tears dried up, and Niang's words trembled. Wei Niang left the last words of Sheng Minglin, and everything was the biggest.

In the helpless weeping of Sheng Minglin, Wei Xiao-yang still disappears.

Wei Xiaoyang's family came, and she was Ming Lan's little sister, and she thought of taking Menglin back. However, Sheng Hao strongly refused to send Ming Lan away.

Later, Sheng Sheng arrived in Beijing, Zhong Jong traveled to the boat, and Gu Tingio went to Beijing. Sheng Minglin gave Go Tinggu and with the knee, thanking him for his help.

After the boat was anchored, everyone left the jetty and left the jetty.

The Sheng family has just arrived in Beijing and Ann, and after a few days the school is about to arrive in Beijing. Shang Hao did not want Sheng Minglin to call and say she was still young, and now her mind was unsteady. Mrs. Sheng's approach becomes very firm, so Menglin has to go to school.

Some of the Sheng girls and gentlemen went to school, gradually growing up with the sound of Wang Shui.

Finally, finally, finally growing! Finally led to the hero's debut

Are you as crazy as you are?

The little Gong Gong Gong (Our teacher has finally appeared !!) likes calligraphy, conversations with Sheng Sheng, some girls in the Sheng family are waiting around the old lady, Ming Lan hiding in the side and playing with Xiaotao. Chang could not help but chuckle.

Heng heard Hugh Lautai arrive for a while and wanted to stay for supper, but he did not want to slip away from his head, and he wanted to stay and see Minglin.

Unnamed: Hahaha, let's look at Teacher's arrogant little expression, and I really think it's so cute.

Heng just wanted to change his mind, but found that his sweat towel was lost, so he had to go back and look for it.

Because Heng's idea is: this sweat towel is a personal thing after all, and if you can not find a name to preach, you may not be able to say it in the future. Ming Lan is just like her thought.

So both of them talked about it while walking. I did not expect to hear Hugh Sukin's help around Mulan on the road, and it turned out that the sweat towel was on Sukin. Sheng Minglin can see the hint, for fear that someone is planting it.

Ming Lan did not want to go to Suqin to ask for it, so they both talked to Sheng Chang. Who knows I met Cheng? As soon as I turned back, he'd heard it before, and Heng said he'd keep the prisoner.

I know how to see it here, I want to say that our teacher's pursuer's speed is a little faster, I'm afraid to see Minglein and I'm hiding behind.

Ming Lan always wrote bad words, so he was left behind by Wang Xu. Ming Lan pleaded for copying books with the fact that he had not been able to benefit for many days. Wang asked her to copy the Royal Iron Theory, and after three days she turned, Minglin listened to her and took a good dose to invite her to spend more.

On the way back to the house, Lemminglin had a headache to copy books. Heng found an opportunity to stop her and always wanted to be close to her. However, Ming Lan always deliberately targets him, and Chen refused to help her copy the book.

Heng took some fruit for Sheng Minglan, Sheng Minglin, and Yao Tao always retreated. Heng had to put the fruit and the good pen in Ming's arms and left.

Currently, Jie and Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng) after growing just flashed for a few seconds. Little realizes that you can not go out again, but we're going to take the Minglan away.

As far as the current pitch is concerned, Xiaojian still feels very fine, online game, but it will be difficult to say whether it will hit the street in the future.

This drama was not aired first, why do everyone expect it so much? Little understands to give you some key points.

1. Lin Xiaoniang Wang Dayi fighting each other to make the main points and laughter of the whole drama.

The power of Lin Xiaonyang is the interpretation of "green tea", all kinds as spoiled.

Game of Lin Xiaonyang, you know that and the expression of the big lady is exactly the same.

Some of the assassins have charted their minds and minds, and I understand how to share them with you. It completely interprets the images that women hate men: when men are charming, men look at them, and women just want to throw up.

When you cry, the man will feel bad, and the woman will hate and hate.

When they yelled sweetly at each other, the big lady would sit in her arms, but her heart was in the sky.

When the great lady was Hugh Lin Xiao Niang, Sheng Sheng was distressed and thought: Oh, that woman is enough. The audience is: a wonderful cunning scream.

The big lady is so hard and wants to disperse a little, but Grandpa feels like a ghost.

When the big lady did something, Sheng Sheng felt stupid, but the audience felt she was doing a good job.

Haha, the suitability of these three people is really the crowning glory of the whole drama, some realize that the great lady is really too real, especially like the woman who is bleeding the three little ones in reality, so domineering.

2. Lying or Feng Shaofeng married couples file co-operation, pay the public and fall in love

This drama is actually the first show after their marriage.Although Feng Shaofeng still not a full performance, it will be especially sweet afterwards.

Not only the love of the show and the external interviews of the media, but also the sweetness of the two. The reporter asked if they were attracted to each other. Feng Shufang looked happy and answered that he was on the side of Jinling, and she would be more stable.

Oh, it really did not look. In addition to watching you fall in love with both games, you even slaughtered the dog outside the play.

I do not know what the public interest of the two people will bring to any drama, or a little expect it.

3. The afternoon drama is well done and the scene is basically restored.

In the midday sun everyone has to know everything. What are "琅琊 榜", "Pretender", "parental love", etc., and many high score jobs, especially they are also called "afternoon decoration team" because each scene is re-the book scenes restored as possible.

The composition of the play, the central single, the gradual group image, the square and the symmetrical house, even the besieged picture, radiate with a sense of depth, with the image of the Big Bang.

Moreover, to completely restore ancient times, the lights used at night and the photographs were all replaced by candlelight at noon.

It's really amazing. The audience no longer has to worry about moving, or the team is no longer worried about wearing it.

As a decoration team of the name of the publishing house, in addition to the villas that will build the "pretender", the village will be built within the "Great River", and even our fields will change to their species.


They say that there is a scene that has to shoot the wheat plants, but the art group can not find the wheat plants, and they planted the amaranth that looks like the young wheat plants, and so the director is not satisfied, and he finds them experienced and knows how to experience and leads them all to grow wheat and wheat. Grows, crosses the border into the wheat field.

My scorpion, I understand that I just want to ask, is there any work you will not do at noon? In the future, the staff of the team will not enter the team, and they can make a fortune by relying on this craft.

In addition to reconstructing the scene, the director also adopted the method of shooting the drama, half a set of all the sights at the end, everywhere right, the players are full of pressure.

Feng Shaofeng said: "The first scene I took in the group was that I was with a dragon, we did not know anyone, and then the scene was special, the lines were especially long, I've been back for three days."

Three days … I do not know how to remember the text when I was a girl, it's so long I can finish it. The player is not easy.

Among them Liu Wei, who plays Sheng Sheng, revealed at the press conference: "Today it seems that they beat me. My eldest daughter did not play. My eldest daughter did not come today, everyone was beaten by me.

Played as Wang Renjun Sheng Changbai also said: "It is very long" family baguette "as the golf club, then the head made of iron, is curved, and finally the" single "bachelor straightened up.

I have a day, it can be a bit exaggerated duck.

In short, this drama received much attention before it was broadcast, and after the broadcast it was accepted all the time. You can also see that each drama is well done and the director group has made great efforts.

However, I still want to spit on small points, after all, watching the drama will spit out, and it will be more interesting to see.

A little understand first of all give everyone some big points, all to avoid stepping on the thunder.

Although the whole picture looks particularly elegant, everyone also said it fits the scene in the book. But Xiaozhi have to throw up, why the service group did not give Zhao Liying good bang?

Is this wigs wig being fake again?

Where the service group bought it, you go out, I promise not to kill you.

There is also the whole story is a bit too slow, so far broadcast four episodes, the fourth installment of the hero appeared, in total more than 60 episodes, my scorpion, it depends on the year ~

Although the first three episodes were small and understood by the small actors in the play, I saw the interaction between Xiao Minglin and Xiao Gu Tingi thinking of the hammer wall.

All sorts of meditations in the heart: they are still small, still small, can not think. However, the little move of such a dark is really give the little soul cp ignite crazy!

Guing Tingyu in his youth is really, every move is like a president takes over in reality, and he always does it first.

Make the order of Xiao Minglin properly.

This small, domineering understanding failed to extricate itself.

The boy who plays Xiao Gu Tingway is called Bian Tianyang, only fifteen years old. The above little realize that it is very similar to Jin Xiuxian, but in fact, I look at it as brother four characters, Yi Qian Qian.

Look at that eyebrow, is it a bit like?

There are also netizens of the barrage who think that two people are quite similar.

Young, playing so well, it seems that the future is boundless.

In addition to her, Xiao understand here to talk about Xiao Minglin, this girl really does Yao Xiao unhappy love.

You still remember the little moon of "Yue Yuan Chan" is actress Liu Chi.

She's only nine years old this year, she knows she can not use her to describe her acting skills.

This expression of disappointment is really in place. Especially the scene where Wei Xiangyang died, a scene of Xiao Minglin's crying, that Yoshiaoo did not stop and cried with her.

Many Netizens also said that the play of Xiao Minglin was really good!

Today the small players are so strong, and they have to admire. Amazed at the same time, a little worried about the long version of Ming Lan and Go Tingio played by Liying and Feng Shaofeng, they will be trekking by small players

After I finished player actor, I understand the script again. The great drama of the IP, the scriptwriter actually made a mistake children.

Wong Aunty said in a show that the hospitality was not good, and that small people should remember that it should be a better reception.

The little girl should make love more relevant.

Make an empty child (pi) into the embryo[pēi]Boy.

Although this is only a small mistake, but after all, many children will see TV dramas and learn, do not make mistakes in teaching children.

Some realize that "I do not know" was exposed to flowers long ago, and began to advance preheating. Moreover, it is thought that this propaganda was a "new dream of red estates" when exposed.

Everyone thinks that the two pieces of flowers are very similar to the background music and the sound of the pictures.

Little realizes that the two titles are cut, but the overall style is a bit like a lot.

Therefore, many users believe that this drama will be a big fire or will be the same as the "new red house". However, most netizens feel that the reason for the "new red house" is to hit the street because casting is not chosen.

When it comes to this drama, the possibility of skimming the street is a little small, but the audience can not afford more than 70 episodes to see whether Lying and Feng Shaofeng can support him in the future.

After finishing the game player and the entire drama, I will understand the author of "Knowledge". If the players are very strong, but in the end, they still have responsibility for the author.

How did you say that before I learned a little about it, the author carefully analyzed the "Sweet Honey" on Weibo, and confirmed the skills of the game of Deng Lun, but said that "the player who is on the market now there is no backstage." .

Why do you say that? The reason is that she thinks that "Deng Lon was only dating for the first time in a few years, but there are already many partners for men and males." It's not because there's behind the scenes, maybe it's her inner monologue.

However, in fact, there is no criticism in her small writings, but she says he is "worthy of these resources" and "not share".

After talking about Deng Lon, he also mentioned the second male Luo Yuxi, who praised him for "opening the whole line, all kinds of temperament without a barrier" and "all at once."

In the end, the author, who is not too big, also commented on the battle between the two, he believes that the reason the two companies to tear like that is that "Luu Yunxi holding the role."

Oh, just want to say that the author really does not know how terrible a pink circle. To know that when the "Shinjami" was broadcast, the men, the men, the two fans and the two fans, because of the factors like the drama, were dark and dark, and they made this comment about the bones of this festival.

So immediately there were Donner fans and many drama powders, tearing up the "adapted drama for their novels", "attracting men", "intentional intent, with ulterior motives."

אחד המחברים שרד את אלף החיילים האלה, ונאלץ לרוקן את וייבו ולסגת.

במקור חשבתי שזה נגמר לא, המחבר ציין בעבר יאנג יאנג, בהתחלה הוא אמר שכולם מדברים על מיומנויות משחק יאנג יאנג, אבל היא חושבת יאנג יאנג יהפוך טאנג Guoqiang השני, אבל הוא סותר את עצמו. לא נמשך על ידי Xiao Na, שיחק על ידי יאנג יאנג.

הוא התחיל לומר שיאנג יאנג לא היה גבוה וגופו לא היה טוב. הוא גם אמר כי הפנים לא יכול ללכת אל פנים, אבל את החלק של הגוף הוא לא טוב, אין באמת מה לעשות. אפילו אמרתי כי יאנג יאנג עשה הרבה טעויות בדקדוק.

אז הוא הגיב על כישורי המשחק של יאנג יאנג, ואמר כי הוא לא עשה שום התקדמות בשנים האחרונות, וכי הוא לא היה מופתע על "קל".

ללא שם: היי, אני לא יכול לעזור אבל applaud האומץ של המחבר.אז, אני באמת לא יודע מעגל ורוד מפחיד. כאשר הבינה את וייבו של הסופרת, היא כבר מחקה אותו.

ניתן לראות עד כמה איומה של אלימות ברשת היא בלתי אפשרית. עם זאת, אני מבין כי דברי המחבר הם קצת קיצוניים מדי. ההערכה מוערכת, וכולם עדיין מקובלים, זה קצת מכוער לחוות את הדמעות של המעריצים.

שיאו שיאו שמעו לפני שהאזינו גולשים כי "תחילת התעמולה" אני לא יודע "לא הביאה את ג'ו יילונג, תוצאה של ג'ו יילונג בגלל ההתפוצצות הפתאומית, התעמולה החלה גם היא לקחת את התנועה שלו כאחת הכוחות המרכזיים". ושאל "Zhu Yilong לא מעגל הפעם."

כולם בדרמה הזאת מדברים על "זה הולך להכות את הרחוב?" אחרי הכל, התנאים המולדים הם מצוינים, אם אתה ממהר לרחוב, זה "בדיחה".

כולם חושבים, אחרי קריאת הדרמה הזאת, יש לך מחשבות ורוצים להמשיך לרדוף אחרי זה?

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