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Captain Evergrande say goodbye to national football after the Asian Cup? Lippi said that two people or simultaneous departure – Asian Cup, National Football, Lippi, also, scoring – Nash equilibrium point

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The original title: Captain Evergrande, after the Asian Cup, say goodbye to the national football team? Lippi told the truth, two people or left at the same time

Asian Cup is about to start in January next year, currently, the national football team is training in Haikou, to improve all aspects. Zheng Zhi, captain of the national football team, said in an interview that this is his best Asian Cup, meaning he can say goodbye to national football with Lippi.

Zheng Zhi will be 39 years next year, which can be said about the retirement age. Therefore, Cheng said four years ago he thought it was the last Asian Cup, I did not expect to continue to participate in it four years later, I feel very respectable and very expensive, I hope I can spend time with the team. As a result, I have a good memory for my career.

Zheng Zhi has played more than 100 games for the national football team. It is also one of the few in the history of the national football team. Lippi has been training national football for more than two years still chooses to reuse Zheng Zhi. However, Zheng Zhi also injured by injuries in recent years.Canbarro once offered Captain Evergrande, it is time to gradually withdraw from national football, because his body can not support multiple line operations.

In fact, Lippi also said in one word that he had revealed the National Football League schedule. When Lee Lane completed the national football game, Lippi said that after the Asian Cup, only Yulin could stay on the national team . This means that the Asian Cup is very likely to be the swan song of Zheng Zhiguo. There is no positive reaction to this Ng, but he expressed the hope that the national football team will rise as soon as possible and direct the task. There is also a separation between the lines.

Lippi has confirmed that he will resign as coach of the national football team after the Asian Cup. Zheng Zhi can also be in sync with the teacher.After all, the task of the national football team after the Asian Cup is the next World Cup. At the same time, Zheng Zhinian has over 40, difficult to continue the fight and find the right time to withdraw. It's not a good thing.

However, fans do not trust the national football team in the Asian Cup, because the national football team did not perform well this year, only scored 2 goals in seven official games, and the Asian weak such as India and Palestine can not win. In the recent internal teaching competition, even the Chinese team B Yanbian North scored 2 goals.

Zheng Zhi also explained that the warm-up match was only physical strength, and there was a lot of tactical arrangement.Therefore, the scene and score are not important.The national football team will strive to match the country for the better when it is finally in the official game. I hope the truth is like Zheng Zhi said, national football team improved in the Asian Cup.Go back to Soho and see more

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