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Dyson Announces V11 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner: New Powerful LCD Screen Suction – cnBeta Boutique Hardware


Dyson has only three new products released in the US, namely the wireless V11 wireless mobile device, the Lightcycle lighting product and the cool fan Li-multi-function fan.The V11 wireless handset is an upgraded version of the V10, which increases the automatic mode and the smarter LCD display compared to the previous generation's 20% surge. The V11 still uses the improved design of the V10, in addition to the centrifugal force to dust out, so the pumping does not weaken, the design of the linear air flow path also makes the suction stronger.


Wireless PDA V11 (Picture from Dyson official website)

In this V11, the new V11 digital engine, with a raised blade design and a triangular diffuser, does the suction of the V11 20% more than the V10, and keeps the original 60 minutes of battery life.


Add a new LCD screen (from: Dyson official website)

The biggest difference of V11 is that the LCD screen is added at the end of the host. In addition to the vacuum mode of the vacuum cleaner and the battery level, the user can adjust the three suction modes (energy saving, medium and strong) using the buttons below. .

Dyson USA Official Website Price

At the price, V11 is different according to the accessories, which are 1099 US dollars (about 7534 yuan), 1199 US dollars (about 8023 yuan), 1249 US dollars (about 8357 yuan) version National Bank will be March 27 official.

Lighting products Lightcycle

In addition to the handheld V11 vacuum cleaner, Dyson also released the Lightcycle lighting products and the Cool Pure Li Multi Function Fan. The color temperature and light brightness of the lightcycle will change automatically according to the local time of day, set the wake-up time and sleep time, and adjust the light at a set time.

Pure Cool Li Multi Function Fan

The second is a cool fan multi-function fan, the next name the previous bladeless fan series, and the "I" means dedicated to individual individuals. The exit is the opening of the upper half of the hemisphere, but the cool wind is not directly from either direction. Once the air flow generated within the machine passes through two air outlets, it will flow along the convex surface of the top, and finally collect at a point in the middle to turn a gas stream into a project upwards. When the user uses it, he feels that the wind is blowing directly from the convex surface.

In the display window there is a circular display to display information such as air volume, users can change their preferred volume using the remote control or set the timing function. The convex surface on the top should only be touched directly to the hand to adjust the angle, and the cool wind blown from the center point will change direction. But no matter how the angle is adjusted, the wind will only be limited to an area of ​​about half a meter in diameter when it is blown on the user. It is designed to serve one person.

Pure Cool I have a black and white color scheme is priced at $ 349.99 (about 2,500 yuan).

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