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Early in the morning, Lohan played, Deng Chan or was ridiculed: the elderly can not stay late Sun Wei Xiao Hua


On March 14, 2019, the Japanese actor, Deng Chao, photographed with the male star after the 90th Luo Hahn Boyevo, saying: "It is not so strong to play late at night so much." Later, Lu Han also interact: "Sports." In the photo, Deng Chan or Lou Hanh sit side by side on a basketball court, holding a basketball in their hands, wearing a purple sweater with black sports shoes. Although it looks very foreign and young, it appeals to Internet users to mock: "Seniors can not stay up late."

Deng's birthday, or was 40 years old. On the 14th day, after filming Luhan's seat on the basketball court in Weibo, the result attracted the derision: "The elderly can not stay up late, go to sleep, big brother ! " "Do fathers and sons meet with each other, should not they eat more?

Some of the network's residents mistakenly asked: "A small flower nurse painted with nails washed?" That on the 13th of the previous month, Deng Chan or revealed his daughter's interactive video on Weibo. I saw the "little flower" to help clean the nails of the Ding Chen, or, the color is exactly the same color of the shoes worn by Deng Ching or basketball. Deng asked his daughter at the time: "How do I get out?" "Little flower" said, "Go on, then come back and draw again." Deng Ching said dumbly: "Do you want me to be home?" "Little Flower" is the language of the children "Hmm".

Deng Chan (left) and Luhan met to shoot. (Deng Chan or Wibu)

Deng was happy to be a big doll of his four-year-old daughter, tied with hair and hair, he was nailed with his daughter, and finally, he could not help pleading for mercy: "Do you want to let me go?" Xiaohua Yuki back: "possible." Deng Chan or can not help but shout: "I'm also a respectable man, okay?"

In retrospect, why Internet users say that Deng Chan is an "adult", which stems from the story of Deng Chan or Luo Han laughing at "father and son."

Deng Chan and Luo Han are the regular guests of the fourth season of the Working Brothers, in 2016 Luo Han congratulated Deng Chen on his 34th birthday and said that Deng Chan is "Dad Deng ", And Deng Chan, who joked, accepted it with pleasure.

On the day before Lu Hahn's personal concert, Deng photographed a picture of Luo Han playing naughty about Weibu and was published for Luo Han's concert: "Son, tomorrow is your first personal concert in your life." Dad is proud of you After the concert I will marry. "

Deng Chan, or picked out the "dry son" of Lohan. Later, both of them were in line with "father and son" both in the program and in Weibo.

Deng Chan, a son and daughter with Sun Yoyo, is always full of fatherly love. He not only takes care of his seven-year-old son, Wait, and his 4-year-old daughter Xiaohua, but also takes care of young colleagues like Lohan. . According to previous reports, Deng or not only sang as a guest to a concert of Lou Hahn, but also repeatedly asked Lohan to find an object on the Internet.

Deng Chan or discovered that the reason for him and Luo Han "get to know relatives" is actually tied to the mirror. Deng Chan said, "Listen to Xiao-Lu (Lohan), I am very similar to his biological father." The people said: "Among people, I do not know how deep it is."

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