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Faced with the American siege, Huawei began to fight back – Huawei Huawei


Last week, the US Department of Commerce will be Huawei and 70
At the same time, President Trump signed an administrative order prohibiting US companies from using so-called "communications equipment of companies with national security risks – such as Huawei and ZTE.Huawei quickly launched an alternative solution that took more than ten years to invest in R & D, thus ensuring strategic security and continuous supply for most Huawei products.

A big stick

According to media reports on May 18, companies with business ties with Huawei and its allies received internal mail, and the agency said Huawei was included in the list of controlled entities, and relevant companies must stop Huawei and HiSilicon. Business transactions.

As mentioned in this email, a number of actions are now being taken to block transactions with Huawei and will take effect immediately, including:

1. Immediately stop the shipment of Huawei and HiSili products;

2. All existing or new orders of Huawei and HiSilicon must be suspended or terminated;

3. Stop access to Huawei's e-procurement site and no access.

As follow-up operations and programs are still in discussion, after the headquarters received more information, it will be further communication. According to reliable sources, Qualcomm, Intel, Georgia, ARM, Teradyne and other companies have received similar messages, and more and more companies in the United States and even allies with Huawei have accepted this paper prohibition.

Huawei responded randomly with a quick response and issued a letter to customers around the world. The letter emphasizes that although Huawei limited by the United States, Huawei has established a strict and effective business continuity management systems to ensure that most of Huawei's products exist. Continue serving clients in extreme cases.

Huawei said that under the control of the US Department of Commerce Department of Defense and Bureau, all exports to Huawei, exports or domestic transfers must be authorized, ie Huawei's purchase of US goods or indirect purchases affected. Huawei said that he sought relief and solutions on this issue and took all positive measures to reduce the impact of this event.

The ongoing attack on Hwoway is not yet complete, and on May 19, Reuters reported that according to the new Trump government authorization, Google had revoked Hwaiy's Android license and forced it to switch to the Android open source project.

This means that Huawei can only continue to develop new Android systems using AOSP.Of course, Huawei mobile phones are now less dependent on Android products. Huawei products that are sold have mainly implemented Huawei's systems, even without the official support of Google. Android can also be developed using AOSP, but in the future Google services will disappear Huawei phones, and other Google services such as Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, etc. will not be available.

Analysts believe that although Google's suspension of cooperation with Huawei will have some impact on Huawei, but the impact on Huawei China's mobile phone users is minimal, at least the European market may be greatly affected.

Huawei's security

In an interview with Nikki News, Ran Zhengfei said that due to the US ban, Huawei's growth is expected to slow down, but the impact is limited, the annual growth rate of revenue is expected to be less than 20%.

Regarding the chip issue of concern, if the US ban is in force, the associated chips used by Huawei can not be purchased from US companies, said Ran Zhengfei."Chip products are not sold without selling, they were ready from the start."

Ran Zhengfei's "preparation" is a self-developed power reserve technology that Huawei has accumulated over the years.

He said Tingbo, president of Huawei Hess, issued a letter to employees on May 17, saying: "A few years ago, the company laid the premise of extreme survival, it is expected that one day, all chips and advanced technologies in the United States will not be available.Huawei will continue to serve its customers , Assuming that it will never happen, thousands of Hisay's children embarked on the longest tragic parade in the history of science and technology, creating a "tire ready" for the survival of the company.There is so huge, the technology and the devices used are so diverse, , Confused, but never gave up.

He announced that the superpower had mercilessly interfered with the technology and industrial system of global cooperation and had introduced the Wawi to the list of entities under unfounded conditions. All the product backup systems that Huawei Hais once built all have become positive. Years of hard work by researchers and all employees will make the tide and make sure the strategic security of most of the company's products, and the continuous supply of most products.

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