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From the "Cancer" team to the leader! Solskjaer gives Bogba's most accurate summary in two words – Borg, Kia, Soles, Mourinho, Manchester United – Naruto Umbrella

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Original title: From the team "Cancer" to the leader! Solskjaer uses both words to give Bogba the most accurate summary

Since Solaskaya Iman Manchester United, the Red Devils have also beaten Cardiff City and Huddersfield, although both teams are not strong, the victory has allowed fans to see some light. At the same time, the most important thing is that the team spirit is completely new.

In the past, during the training of Mourinho Manchester United, Herrera and Metz were only defensive in the back game. The game was a little boring, although they played a great score of 4-1 and 3-0 last season. However, the "forgotten" fans made everyone remember only Mourinho's "bus", many fans in the place seemed "stimulated" for a long time.

After Solskjaer took over, Manchester United team could be described as "All people are soldiers", the midfield engineers can also plug to give a foot, the game returned smooth. As the number one star of the team, Bogba has finally played its own power. This made Solskia very satisfied and his assessment of Bogba was quite high: "He should be allowed to enjoy his football, he is the world champion, and when the country is good he is one of the best in the world. The reason is that Souu Shuai saw that Bogba was very happy on the field and smiled on his face.

It is simply unthinkable in Mourinho's coaching era this season. After the Champions League game, the lack of Bogba's captain's arm, the "smelly face" on the training field, and the decentralization of the game made it difficult for Bogba to be "happy." All this is due to Bogba's negligence on the field, which makes Mourinho, who emphasizes discipline, quite a headache, and when he thinks that Bhubba will affect the whole team, he should bear the pain. Sue on the bench. However, such measures only further suppress Bogba.

Before the last round of the game, when Manchester United players warmed up before the game, a scene occurred in the player's transition. Bogba hugs his hands to cheer his teammates: "When we're on the field, we have to go forward … The first priority is to put pressure on the opponents! … We must start strong!" In this case, what is a frustrated Bogba? This is clearly the group leader!

"Bogba has an unmatched talent and won the World Cup at an early age." The talent "has long been reflected in it, Mourinho knows it.But on the subject of dealing with Bogba, it is clear that Solskjaer is currently successful." Bogba "Tamed is worth a large part of the combat effectiveness of Manchus. In this game, Bogbamei twice gave back the trust of Solskjaer.But how long can the status of the last Bogba? Will he always listen to Nea? These are all questions.

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