Monday , January 25 2021

ITTF Awards Ceremony: Ohad Gudong, Ding Ning Won the Best Male and Female Athletics of the Year – Shinoya Net Sports – Shinjuanet

  1. ITTF Awards Ceremony: Ohad Gudong and Ding Ning Won the Best Female Athletics of the Year – Xinhua Net Sports
  2. Pingtung National Awards table tennis star glamor coach can only expect a bout against Liu Guoliang? Cena
  3. International Tennis Federation ceremony awards fan awards Zhendong Xiu English Ding Ning Korean style is praised Sina
  4. Pingtung annual awards four Ning Ding wins the best girl fan Zhendong won Best Male Athlete
  5. Men's singles final watch: fan Zhendong fought against Zhang Benzhi and Guoping challenges.
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