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Killing the innocent and flying feet "Three King Kong Change" are chasing the horn

(The Epoch Times, November 12, 2018) The Transformers series of $ 4.3 billion in box sales worldwide will launch the feature film "Bumblebee" at the end of December. The school sent two big figures to "kill innocents" and "flying feet." They could become a robot, a cross-country car, and a fighter. A group of "three changes" would follow the wasp all along. A fierce battle.

"Transformers" series "Bee" movie stills. (Provided by UIP)

Director Travis Knight was very fond of playing Transformers toys in the 80s. He was also an avid fan of the cartoon album, he was very excited to enter the world of Transformers, and said: "We are always at Leica Animation … trying to strike a delicate balance between darkness and light, excitement and warmth, humor and affection, for me it is really exciting for me to bring philosophy to the series That. "

The main actors include Hayley Steinfeld, Jane Sheanan, Little Horrow Randburg, John Ortiz, Jason Dolak, Panamera Adelaide and Steven Snyder. The vocal actors include Angel & , Justin Traess, who was nominated for an Oscar, Peter Cullen once again called the classic character Bowen, and Dylan O'Brien called the B-127.

"Transformers" series "Bee" movie stills. (Provided by UIP)
"Transformers" series "Bee" movie stills. (Provided by UIP)

Summary In 1987, Hornet found refuge in an abandoned farm in the coastal city of California to escape the enemy. Charlie (Hailey Steinfeld), who is about to reach the age of 18, inadvertently discovered the scarred, broken body of the bumblebee and saved him, but soon discovered that he was not just a plain yellow tortoiseshell turtle. ◇

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