Friday , May 14 2021

Let China become a hot spot for realizing the value of global knowledge – China Daily

Knowledge is the core of the drive for innovation, and intellectual property is becoming a major resource for national development and a central factor in international competition. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is the most important content to improve the system of protection of property rights and the greatest incentive to improve economic competitiveness.

"Without innovation, there will be no progress." In a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Second Summit Forum on International Cooperation on "Belt and Holiday", President Shi Jinping stressed that China will strengthen its international cooperation in the field of intellectual property protection and prove China's strengthening of intellectual property protection. Determined determination is of great importance to promote a higher level of openness to the outside world and make China a hot spot for the realization of global knowledge.

Today, strengthening the protection of intellectual property is not only the need to preserve the legitimate rights and interests of local and foreign organizations in financing, but also the built-in requirement to promote the construction of innovative countries and promote quality development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Central Committee of the Party stressed the implementation of the new development concept, and innovation and development are in the first place. With the implementation of innovative and preventative development strategy in China, there are more and more innovative enterprises, more and more "introducing" and "going out" enterprises, and the call for strengthening intellectual property protection is getting higher and higher, hoping to transfer effective intellectual property rights. Protection, the craving for innovation is constantly arising, and the source of innovation is completely blown away. Just as China is actively involved in dealing with global climate change, strengthening the protection of intellectual property is not that others want us to do it, but because we do it ourselves.

The effectiveness of China's strengthening of intellectual property protection was amazing and clear to all. Since the reform and opening, China has established a complete intellectual property legal system and relatively high level, which has passed the legislative process developed by countries usually decades or even centuries. China has continuously strengthened the judicial protection of intellectual property rights and has become the world's largest country to hear cases of intellectual property, especially in cases of patents. The trial period for handling foreign intellectual property issues is one of the shortest in the world. China implements the dual system of administrative and legal protection, and owners of intellectual property rights can not only seek legal protection, but also seek administrative protection. In 2018, China's foreign intellectual property rights paid up to 35.8 billion, has become the fourth largest patent importer in the world, is China's huge market and exchange rate, so the value of intellectual property rights in all countries can be fully understood. Of course, as in other countries, we still need to double our efforts in the field of intellectual property protection.

Protecting property rights, especially intellectual property protection, is an important aspect of creating a good business environment. Expanding a new round of high-level opening to the outside world calls for tougher protection of intellectual property rights. Guided by the spirit of the important speech of Secretary General Shi Jiefing, we will continue to create a business environment that respects the value of knowledge and guides organizations, social organizations, individuals, including public officials, to comply with the spirit of the contract. There is a need to comprehensively improve the legal system for the protection of intellectual property, modify relevant laws, regulations and regulatory documents to ensure that technology transfer is based on voluntary rules and markets, eliminate compulsory technology transfer, reduce foreign capital ratio requirements, and prevent unreasonable unreasonable procedures and regulations The market. It is necessary to punish violations of foreign intellectual property rights in accordance with the law and introduce a punitive damages system significantly increase the cost of illegal activity. The coordination and coordination of intellectual property protection should be strengthened, and the relevant departments should jointly manage and improve the relationship between the government and the judiciary, strengthen law enforcement, simplify rights protection, reduce the cost of protecting rights, and increase protection. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, including trade secrets, of innovative Chinese and new enterprises in accordance with the law is conducive to streamlining the business environment and stimulating the vitality of innovation, and it contributes to promoting the transformation of China from a large intellectual property to a large manufacturing country.

Intellectual property protection is not the best, only better. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is taking shape: the issue of innovative cooperation and protection of intellectual property is becoming more complex and complex on a global scale: the identification of intellectual property rights, technological diffusion and distribution of benefits are real problems for all countries in the world. We encourage Chinese and foreign companies to carry out technical cooperation on the basis of voluntary rules in the market to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. We are willing to work with relevant international countries and organizations to strengthen intellectual property coordination strategy, legal coordination, docking policy, strengthen intellectual property law enforcement experience, information exchange, law enforcement cooperation, and strive to build an open, Intellectual property. Adhering to the goal of the intellectual property system to promote innovation and promote the transfer of technology, innovation and creativity will inject more momentum into the global economy and open wider space for the development of all countries.

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