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Liu Qiangdong female case reveal details: he "tortured" me for 4 hours – people – cnBeta.COM

On December 14 afternoon, Beijing, US prosecutors will soon decide whether to sue the Chinese billionaire Liu Yangdong on charges of sexual assault on students.In this case, the two sides held each other and the testimony was contradictory .

MAt the end of August, a woman accused Liu Yangdong, the chief executive of China's e-commerce giant, Wang Jungong, in a violent riot after a collective dinner, and Liu Yangdong denied After that, relevant US departments have been considering whether to pursue the lawsuit. According to informed sources, prosecutors in the US will make a decision within a few weeks.

The Wall Street Journal learned from a recording of the conversation between the victim and the police that she had experienced four hours of torture in her off-campus apartment. During the period, she struggled to refuse Liu of Qiangdong physical contact until Liu Qiangdong eventually overwhelm him on the bed.

"He took off my panties directly." The girl told the police on the tape, "So he raped me." "OK.

According to the person familiar with the matter, if Liu Qiangdong is sued, the relevant department expects that he will confess that he had sex with the student, but he wishful thinking. Liu Qiangdong returned to China, and there is no extradition agreement between China and the United States.

Liu Qiangdong, 45, said through his lawyer that he has no improper conduct. His criminal lawyer, Jill Brissbois, said that since the investigation was still underway, he himself could not defend himself against the media, but after discovering all the evidence, everyone would realize that he was innocent.

Bricebis said that the incident described by the woman in police interviews and text messages was "full of unauthorized information."

"We hope that anyone can wait for the prosecution's decision, and not continue to make a one-sided or inaccurate description of the matter."

The woman is a student at the University of Minnesota, and she hired attorney Florida Will Florin to protect her. The Wall Street Journal listened to the recording of the conversation between the woman and the police on September 10. This was one of the conversations she had with the authorities. The Wall Street Journal also saw a screenshot of the Chinese message sent by the girl about WeChat related to this event. Some of the previous materials have also been reported by other media outlets, including Reuters and the US Star Tribune.

In September, the Chinese foreign minister said that the Chinese consulate in Chicago pays close attention to this event. This year, Jingdong shares fell 49%, while its main rival Alibaba stock price fell 11%. Liu Qiangdong's future at this event is also one of the many reasons investors panic.

In the last week of August, Liu Qiangdong (named in English Richard Rich) attended the Doctor of Business Administration program jointly organized by the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and Tsinghua University in Beijing. In Minneapolis.

Liu Qiangdong is one of the richest and best known people in China. In 2015, married Liu Qiangdong Zhang Zetian, who is only 25 years old, and this event has increased the popularity of Liu Qiangdong in China. Zhang Zetian is a red net in China, known as "Milk Tea Sister". When Zhang Zetian was 19 years old, Liu Yangdong began to associate with him. At the time, "Sister Tea Milk" was a student exchange at Barnard College, while Liu Qiangdong studied at Columbia University.

Florin said that the student accused of the rape of Liu Yangdong is in a good family and a talented pianist. At the time of the incident, the girl was only 21 years old.

According to the recording, the girl, as a student assistant, took part in running with some Chinese managers in the project. During the event, she met Riley Yao (hereinafter "Yao"), chairman of the Shenzhen Shane Group, Shenzhen, China. Juhui is a company specializing in many fields including financial technology, health and marketing.

"Yao participates in running activities at least twice," the girl said in a conversation with the police. "He invited me to go to his company after graduation."

At the same time, Yao's assistant sent her a text message inviting her to attend a collective dinner with senior Chinese officials on August 30, and she did not agree directly to the text message, but expressed her position.

"I'm very nervous," replied the student, asking if the assistant could go with her. "So I want to go with you."

According to the lawyer and the girl's conversation with the police, the woman took a male friend to Origami for dinner, but he left very early. In Yao's concern she sat next to Liu Xiaodong.

Mr. Yao did not respond to email response requests.According to information on its website, the companies of Yao and Yong are investors in Dongguan Industrial Park, which mainly engaged in artificial intelligence.

According to restaurant staff and receipts viewed by the Wall Street Journal, the dinner meal costs more than $ 1,900, paid by Liu Qiangdong's assistant. Other receipts showed that the assistant had purchased more than 30 bottles of wine at a nearby store.

After the meal, the woman said she and Velu Chiangdong and one of his aides were crammed into a bigger car. "I was thinking where they were going to take me, but I could not get rid of it because I was really drunk," she said on tape.

According to the girl, the assistant tried to get Liu Qiangdong to sit in the second row, but Liu Qiangdong refused absolutely and said, "do not fight." She said Liu Qiangdong jumped into the car and sat in the third row with her. Although the girl asked Liu Yangdong not to do so, Liu still kissed her in the car and tried to take off her clothes. The reporter currently can not contact Liu Qiangdong assistant for comment.

"I'm afraid," she said. She said Liu Chengdong, "Do not do it, you have a wife and child, do not do it, I do not want to." But Liu Chengdong has become deaf ear.

The girls told that they were sent to a large house, which, according to a person familiar with the matter, was hired by one of the participants in the executive education program. The girl said she was afraid to go into the room and asked Liu Xiaodong to take him back to her apartment.

The girl said that Liu Xiaodong had finally agreed, and then the two entered the apartment together, and the assistant and the driver stayed in the car. She said that Liu Qiangdong ignored her resistance and tried to thaw her clothes to have sex.

She said Liu Qiangdong went to shower and then lay naked on her bed.

"Because he was not wearing clothes, I do not know how to get him out of my apartment," the girl said.

She said Liu Xiaodong had pulled her to bed that night. "It's very heavy." The girl said on the tape, "I tried to push him out."

"He grabbed my shoulder, so I could not move." The girl said Liu Xiaodong "entered" his body, but shot the semen on the sheets and on the girl's stomach.

When Liu Xiaodong stayed in the girls' apartment, the girl sent a text message to the male friend who had brought him to dinner. According to Florin and her text message was sent to another friend, after the child reported to the police, the police arrived about 3 am and asked Liu Qiangdong and the student.

At the same time, the girls refused to file a complaint that Florin believed girls were mentally tortured and did not know the American legal system.

"Liu Qiangdong forced me to go to bed with him." The girl said in a text message sent to her friend, "It's a trap."

She pointed out that her boyfriend had called the police. "But it did not work at all," she said.

According to his lawyer, on Friday night, the girls went to the hospital to check signs of sexual assault and provided bed sheets. Then she told the headmaster what had happened. The recording shows that after the police received the call, they asked the girls again at school.

On Friday evening, Liu Qiangdong was taken in business school and released on Saturday afternoon. Police said that Liu Qiangdong released because he needs more time to investigate.

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