Thursday , July 29 2021

Look! This is the "end of the earth" 6.5 billion miles – Science Exploration – cnBeta.COM

On January 19, 2006, the "New Horizon" spacecraft was launched, and on July 14, 2015, it flew close to Pluto and continued to travel deep into space, traveling more than 4,700 days.At 1:33 am on January 2, 2019, in Beijing, it will fly over the hang-up satellite, Kuiper's asteroid, which was only 3,500 kilometers away.

At 9:56 on December 24, "New Horizons" photographed the end of the world, and 12 hours later, Earth received this picture (three parts together):

At that time, new horizons were about 10 million kilometers from the Earth's edges and about 6.5 billion kilometers from the sun.

The Kuiper Belt is a hollow disk space with a dense celestial body near the eucalyptus plane of the Neptune orbit (about 30 astronomical units from the Sun). It is also known as the third area of ​​the solar system and contains billions of celestial bodies.

The "End of the Earth" asteroid number 485968, an astronomy called 2014 MU69, and the romantic name "End of the Earth" is the result of public voting, that is to transcend the known world.

Tianya Hiyag Yao is about 30 km in diameter and is shaped by a hidden binder in 2017 to create a link or close binary system, reddish color, probably due to hydrocarbons.The solar system has been exposed for billions of years.

The new horizons have found a great "love" for Pluto, I do not know what surprises will be found at the end of the world?

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