Tuesday , May 11 2021

NBA Playoff 2019 – Nuggets rejects strong enemies in the seventh game of life and death advances Spurs for the second round

The NBA playoffs in the first round of 2019 in the first round of the "seventh of life and death" Battle combination: Nuggets against Spurs, originally thought that the two teams will stage a big show, but the two teams in the first half of the field are not particularly ideal, Star Spurs DeMar DeRozan is Slowing down, relying on the support of Rudy Gay's fire player, while the Nuggets home team leads with a score 47:34.

In the second half, Greg Popovic led the Spurs to start chasing, first he stabilized on the third quarter and kept the gap, and in the fourth quarter he rushed to catch up with the game, and in the last four minutes he grabbed up to 4 points, while the Nuggets relied on the Gators, Mal. Multiple teams of Murray and Nikola Jokić worked with team members to get rid of Spurs. Up to the last 52 seconds of the game, Spurs finally approached two points. Unfortunately, the last wave of defense, Spurs did not appear in the team twice or foul action, giving time to drag, and finally the Nuggets advanced in the second round with 90-86. Meet the Blazers headed by Damien Lillard.

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