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"Team of Men's Run" has no previous cheerful temperament

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"Running 3" line

Song Yuqi (right) remembered the name of the TV drama starring J & Yawen (left)

Play garbage sorting game with elementary school students

A dull boring show of talent

Yang Jun Evening News correspondent Gong Weifang

Previously, the new lineup of "running 3" variety once triggered a hot discussion: Deng Chen, Chen Chen, Wang Zulan, Lu Han left, "new" Javanese, Wang Yinlin, Huang Xuxi, completes Song Yuqi, will be with Lee Chen, Yang Ying, Cheng Unnamed: Hey, keep together the heat of this N-generation. Before the show, Deng sat on the concrete floor and recorded a four-minute "sentence" to express his thoughts on the running team and the blessings for the newcomers.

"Master Control" and "Funny Duty" are gone What else can show the show? The previous night, "Running 3" was shown quietly. Indeed, people have changed, and the "group soul" has dispersed. MC 7 digits, along with flying guest Bai Yu, is more like a temporary group to participate in the program "We connect tired" attracted a passionate slogan, no one shouted again.

After watching the first broadcast of the season, many viewers feel that "running" is worse than changing his name! The whole program is focused around the issue of "municipal waste sorting", it is indeed very educational, but it does not have the excitement of tearing off brand names in the past, and there is no funny atmosphere in which guests interact with each other … The show is indeed more "significant" but less "Meaning" of the point.

Keep new and also have to adapt to RUNNING

Among the new players of "running 3", "walking hormone" Javanese is a power class among young players, his masterpieces include "Sui Guandong", "Zhengyangmen", "Red Sorghum", etc. . Last year, with the voice on the reality show "Sound Under Circumstances", Wang Yinlin is a diverse star, and the funny stems come from the mouth, while Xuanwu, who plays the role of being an "unintended master," opens up popularity: Huang Xuxi and Song Yuqi are both only 20 years old. After training in the gym in South Korea, I participated in the hottest Korean "news brother".

Opening a program designed specifically for new and old friends to meet. However, this part can be called "old stems on large scale and shattered scenes", and many designs have appeared in previous programs: sitting, chair suddenly collapsed, opening door, life and death can not be opened, drinking lemonade, drinking water from lemon … Is almost the same response, and compliments and talents are also very boring.For example, Wang Yanlin jumps Xing Dance, Zhou Yawen mimics Lily Zhiling, Huang Xuxi does push-ups … make people fall asleep.

This part of the most topical level is actually a low-level error, # 宋雨琦 put Guandong Guan into the West exit # rushed the hot search over the night. Song Yuqi said that when she was a girl, she likes to see the television series of Javanese "Walking West" with her grandparents. The actors present were dusty at once, and Zhu Yawen also showed a polite smile. G & amp; Cheng helped correct: "Walking in the West" is starring Du Fu, and Zhu Yawen is playing "Guandong Guan." In addition, this link has also spawned a new combination.Huang Xuxi grew up in Hong Kong spoke Cantonese "King" and "Yellow." Regardless of that, I thought Wang Yinlin and his family were "yellow," so Javanese shook them off to take a combined name – the "double egg" brothers.

The KEEP process is still very routine RUNNING

The first part gives the most intuitive feeling is "scattering", missing the entire body's spine, as walking the process. The second part has not yet improved. First of all, please ask a material identification expert to analyze the trash can of a group of running men. In fact, it is simply choosing the garbage of some MCs. Then, a team of men running and primary school students played a round of garbage sorting games of up to 20 minutes.

The next step is a little sense of starting a person in previous seasons. The two teams of MK Sitting on the Flying Chair and judging the kind of trash in a box by smelling the air bubbles that pop up in different smells. The waste includes liquefied fish, stink, pepper, stinking tofu, dog food, etc. The reaction and the expression made a lot of laughter. The most interesting part of the meeting was the flying visitor to the Yoo Islands, before he was brought into the water by the flying chair, he took out the mask and covered his face, he also called "Gini" and used the wave to run the hot search that night.

However, the finish became the tonality of the show and became heavy. Some stars went into the Hangzhou waste treatment station to see all aspects of garbage disposal: Javanese and Bowie followed the master to clean up the kitchen waste, to see people eat the rest of the food in the restaurant and throw them away. Calling people to run on the disk, do not waste food, Zheng Yu and Wang Yinlin are dealing with garbage sorting, pick up bottles, foam and other recyclables in a heap of garbage, and the audience can smell the rotten smell through the screen, which is exactly the daily work of the mattress, some Others visited the garbage dump, the Sherpa tank, and drank the rinsing that was extracted from the rubbish, and personally demonstrated the use of environmentally friendly products.

This relationship has great social significance, allowing the audience to see the difficult situation of environmental protection and the hard work of the sanitation workers, but as a varied presentation, it is indeed very unhappy, and there is no temperament in the past.

Audience Audience

By midafternoon, Run 3 had not opened in Duban, but compared to the previous season, the heat was not high, the initial estimate was more general. Many viewers expressed dissatisfaction with the transformation of the composition and the program, and some viewers appreciated its "significant" work.

@ 人间 值得: actually in the first period, I noticed the problem of garbage sorting.It is so good to have such a large influx of programs to pay attention to this serious problem!

@ 一 喵 喵 子: no need to diss new MC, Wang Yanlin and Song Yuqi are all very strong variety, Zhu Yawen and Huang Xuxi also full of art, run it! Duck!

@ 变形 女 金刚: Too bad, too embarrassing, too embarrassing! The old MC is hard and squeaky to create a happy atmosphere of joy, the joiner should laugh at the integration, and the atmosphere is uncomfortable. Giving more than one planet is an environmental issue.

@ 雅皮士: The plan is getting young and young, and it is not like this. The art of diversity is a diverse exhibition, who watches a variety of shows is not for fun? Seven guests, no smile, no control, no host, mess.

@ Evan: After the great change of blood, I lost the master master of the tyrant, the red genius, the stupid scorpion is less, blue fathers perfect, the sense of male management is always changing, and it is no longer familiar. "But I must say that C & 39; Zhou Yawen Wang Yanlin has a strong sense of variety.

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