Thursday , July 29 2021

Sinopec two-day market cap evaporates 681.8 billion subsidiary companies cloud trading cloud coverage _ 财经 新闻 _Wuxi new media network – Wuxi new media

  1. Sinopec two-day market capitalization evaporates 681.8 million,000 subsidiaries cloud cloud cloud trading _ 财经 新闻 _Wuxi new media network Wuxi new media
  2. Zhongjin: In addition to trading losses, Sinopec may also deal with stock impairment of 15 billion yuan.
  3. Sinopec's two managers were suspended, Sinopec shares fell 6.75%
  4. Sinopec confirms that managers have large errors in annual performance or are not affected
  5. Sinopec's company "dirty" lost the company's market value loss of 36.2 billion RFI – Radio France International
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