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Slippery flower in the championship world "隋 韩" good performance –


World Championship Huashun

This newspaper (reporter Wang Xiaoxiao) is "dirty and melodic", "Han Kung", who kneels on the ice on one knee, kissed her female friend Wen Wenjing. In 2019 skating world championship stadium double-slip show, a pair of Chinese teams scored 79.24 points in the convincing performance, in the second ranking.

Another pair of Chinese players, Feng Cheng / Zheng Yang, successfully completed all the difficult moves, temporarily in third place. Russian star Telesova / Morozov also slipped from the best program of the season, with 81.21 points to refresh the world record of a short program after the implementation of new rules, temporarily on the list.

Han Hong, who suffers injuries, participated only in A-Sports A at this level, his points are low and he can only play early in the third group. Both programs were completed and smooth, and all the difficulties were accumulated, and after the mistakes on the four continents, the three-week high-quality leap was also completed. In the end, the two scored a high score of 79.24.

After the game, both were pleased with their performance. "Very cool!" Han Kung said. "It's really described, very happy and very happy." Yan Zhong said he was still a bit nervous at the opening, and there were problems with the two movements in the show. We are also trying our best to do our best. "

Only after four continents, Yan Wong was unable to systematically train for more than ten days due to injury. After she arrived in Japan to protect her injured waist, she would try to lie on the bus to and from the station, and when she returned to the station she would calm down and take care of her. "We have a shorter preparation time this season, I want to show better programs for everyone than the grades." The 23-year-old girl said, "I saw the crowd stand up and applaud us, they really touched me, that's the biggest encouragement for us."

In today's free competition, the two will play the finish. Currently, Yan Zhong / Han Kong is almost two points behind the Russian team. Han Kung said that free skating "can do what you can do." Qing Wong also said that the two biggest opponents are only themselves. "Although we are not in the best position now, we will continue to fight the best game with the best face, strive to slide our level and give it to the referee."

Feng Cheng / Zheng Yang, who participated in the World Championship for the second time, ranked third with 75.51 points. Feng Cheng is pleased with his performance and the score is not important. Yang Yang admits that there are some small problems in the ranking of two. If the details are well done, the results should be refreshed.

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