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Beijing Youth Ski Team introduces a high level foreign teacher team

Snow on the head stranger, this winter warm capital

Korean coach Caixian has "started to work"

Nikolai (right) and Matia are both Alpine Skiing expert trainers

This winter is of great importance for the young players of the Beijing Youth Ski Team, because it is not only the first snow season after the expansion of the team, but also a new foreign teacher team, including the former head coach of the former Japanese National Cross Country Ski. The team of foreign teachers, including Nicholai, has officially joined, and they will not only be the trainers of the Alpine ski project, but also the foreign teachers from Korea who have just joined the team. It can be said that the Beijing Youth Team Skiing, which was established soon, has strong technical support.

Foreign coaches are not small

It is understood that hand-in hand coach is an important step after the Beijing Ski Association and Ai Xue Xue Company have reached a strategic cooperation agreement.The Association used the ski resources owned by the company's well-known club 1031 "in favor of the Beijing Youth Team." "The signing ceremony of the co-operation of the coaches of the two parties was officially completed at the end of September, and a group of talented coaches was selected for the youth ski team in accordance with the specific requirements of the association. But also continued to personally guide the smaller players to complete each examination.Although the selection activities are only a few days away, their work ability and outstanding affinity have been recognized by small parents and players.

Specifically, the Italian Nikolai Paulen will be the main coach of the alpine skiing project. He served as chief coach of Japan's Olympic Winter Games in 2010, 2014 and 2018. He also led many national athletes to step on the Winter Olympics. His assistant, Nice Matisse, is also good at teaching alpine skiing for teenagers and is equally experienced. According to the data, from the beginning of 2010 until the date of arrival in China, the youth team of staff trained by Nice won dozens of prizes in the regional and Italian youth cups. In addition, the new snowboard team added this year also has a high level of foreign teachers. Song Caixian, has a doctorate, is the main coach of the professional Korean veneer association, and more importantly, he has rich experience in teaching and deep professional fund, he is especially good at teaching youth veneer competition.

In the introduction of foreign teachers, Li Xiaoming, chairman of the Beijing Ski Association, said that this is to provide a better training environment for the small players of the ski team to build a better platform.It is said: "The main purpose of our cooperation Is to introduce advanced foreign teachers, so that our small team members can open their eyes, understand the most advanced technology in the world, get the best guidance, and hope that such a model can really give players in addition to the introduction of foreign teachers, Beijing Ski Association Will continue to cooperate with several ski ski institutions in Beijing to carry out various forms of ski training, exit training and other activities, p Ware young ski team and other players. All children love skiing and offer better training resources and ski platforms.

Familiarity with foreign teachers is welcomed by parents of children

Foreign high-level teachers certainly have their uniqueness in technological ability and the concept of skiing, but many people are concerned that cultural differences and the difference between the small ski environment and the fund, children of the Beijing Youth Skiing Group can enjoy it. what? With this question, the reporter Beijing Daily interviewed a number of ski team members and their parents. The players said that although the foreign teachers did not officially started to lead the team training, but from the previous understanding and selection activities of the team during the 11th period, the foreign coach brought you a completely different ski concept, even though they were in the middle. Most people have been exposed to more or less foreign teachers, but after all, the time is short. Now that the ski team has hired a foreign teacher, they can follow the training for foreign teachers and competition for a long time, enough to make people watch.

Not only the little players expect the snow field after the arrival of the snow season, even their parents expect it. Ang Dingio won the gold medal at the Grand Slam Women's Championship at the National Championships. Junior at the beginning of the year, thus winning the title of national athlete of the second level, and her mother said in a conversation with the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the introduction of foreign teachers is a very important initiative. She said: "the overall level of Alpine skiing in China is far from that of foreign countries, the gap in youth training is even greater.we can say we are just starting, so we can introduce foreign coaches to improve the overall level of sports and improve the concept of training For youth, it's a very big promotion and improvement. "

As Zhang Dingyu's parents said, "going out and exhibiting" is an important step in the development of snow and ice movement. Despite the fact that the project has a weak foundation and a low starting point, it must be done "both must be grasped and both must be hard." With the strong support of all the parties, the "exit and penetration" process gradually became, for young people, as they knew the right and advanced concepts and technologies, they had a great deal to grow and cultivate. The important role, only in this way, the project can continue to develop healthy.

The snowmen also began to ask foreign teachers

In addition to the "small tops" of the Beijing Youth Team, snowmen in the Beijing ski circuit began to try to hire foreign teachers in the last year or two. Although the office workers have limited ski time relative to the week, they have acquired a certain level and ability after several years of accumulation, simple and middle ski paths can not meet their needs, there is also a high pursuit of action and difficulty, and at the same time a suitable coach is especially important. Xueyou many have greatly improved by practicing alone, so the coach is not new, and as the level of everyone continues to improve, people are no longer satisfied following the local coach. Since the beginning of the previous year, there were foreign teachers on individual ski resorts in Beijing and Hebei. In this snow, the number of such foreign faces will grow even more.

In an interview, Beiqing Daley wrote that many ski enthusiasts have the opportunity to learn and interact with foreign teachers by attending the relevant courses and training of the ski school. When asked about the gap between Chinese and foreign coaches, many people answered: "The main difference is the conceptual gap, the local coaches of the training grounds or the training institutions may give us mainly at the ski level. Other cultural connotations, and some demonstrations of actions, and as a result, we may be more acceptable. It is understood that although foreign language courses present expensive, but data from last year's snow season shows that many courses and training camps are full.

Lei Jiu Si is one of them.He is still a high school student, he is no worse than the snow friends in the snow. A high school student who has achieved good results in Beijing and the National Skiing Association (Alpine Skiing) is also one of the "beneficiaries," but most of them choose to receive foreign teachers in China. Professional European athletes practice together. Last summer, he practiced and lived in France for a month, so long-term contact with the top European athletes and their coaching team also made Lei Jiuyi earn a lot. It is said that foreign teachers are everywhere in their promotion. With foreign teachers such as personal training, the level of ski will definitely improve faster.

Text / reporter Zhang Kunlong

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