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Synopsis: "The Party of South Station" Cannes won praise, the main creative team spoke of creative feelings – net transformation


Xinhua News Agency, Cannes, France, May 20 Summary: "South Station Party" Cannes won acclaim.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Yongchun Yang Yimiao

The Chinese film "The Southern Station," which was closed in the main competition of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, was first screened in Cannes on the 18th and 19th, and was screened in four media outlets and was attended by filmmakers, media and fans abroad.

The South Station Party is starred by Yi Mann, the director and scriptwriter, Ho Gu, Gui Lon, Leo Pan, Van Hao and so on, recounting the story of the thief's self-redemption and regretting the desperate escape route.

AFP believes that the "Party of South Station" shows that China's film perspective as the world's second largest cinema market continues to expand and its standards continue to improve. In recent years, new generations and new types of films have been growing in China's exports to foreign film markets.

"World News" of France noted that Yan Yinan continued the style of the previous work "white fireworks", but it was innovative, combining traditional Chinese martial arts with elements of American black films. The film focuses on the fate of the small characters, rainy nights, fluorescent lights and large segments of white space, creating an atmosphere of intense anxiety.

French film critic Jacques Maurice said that "White Flares" directed by Ms. Winnie won the Golden Bear Award for Best Film at the Berlin Film Festival and has "amazing" skill in controlling the pace and atmosphere of the film.

The British photographer, Gerry Perry, said after watching the film "South China Station Party," this excellent Chinese film, which focuses on the hearts of ordinary people, is more appealing to the audience than some American boxers who focus only on plot and visual effects.

"We tried to impress the audience with the real scenes and feelings in the film," Yan Yanan told Xinhua news agency. He also noted that the international expression of the Chinese story is still in the direction of the ongoing efforts of the Chinese creators.

To recreate the scenes of the city's life, all actors use a dialectical dialect in the film to try to recreate the real fabric of life.

Hu Ge of actor Zhou Zenong is a figure of "anxiety and modest." Before the film was shot, Ho Ge studied Wuhan's dialect, practiced a motorcycle, shot and fought, and kept getting close to this "little one". "The character that comes from life must first touch yourself, and you can impress the audience," he says.

In his opinion, to fully design the role is not only to understand the script and the intention of the director, but the more important source comes from the accumulation of sediments of life. "The player's nutritional materials come from life, and the characters, stories and feelings in life are stored, and after refining and revolution they will become precious treasures in creation and performance."

This is the first time that Hugo has arrived at the Cannes Film Festival. He smiled and said, "I am addicted when I come to Cannes." But he said that the "addictive" feeling was not the "red carpet," but that the film's creative team entered the Cannes Film Festival. And after the screening, the audience rose to its feet and applauded the unforgettable moment. "At that moment I felt I was respected as an actor, not just a star."

"Chinese films have a unique history and culture, and they must fully demonstrate their cultural connotations based on absorbing the experience and technology of advanced foreign films."

Leo Pan was on the second red carpet for the second time. Last year, he starred in the film "Rivers and Lakes Children" in the main competition unit of the Cannes Film Festival. 71. Leo Pan also won the Best Actor Award at the Berlin Film Festival for his excellence in "Fireworks of the Day".

Leo Pan, who joined Jan Yanan again, played a criminal cop in the film. In order to accurately design the role, Leo Pan contacted the local police in Wuhan and experienced the police life. He said: "The basis for a good film is a touching story, and I hope to show the power and warmth of humanity through the role."

In the film, Gui Lun Gui Lun of Liu Ai began to study Wuhan dialect two months before the film began. "The role of this character is very large, and the mental journey of the character is complicated and complicated, how to understand it accurately is a challenge to yourself."

Van Hao plays a traditional feminine role that "remains strongly threatening". Van Hao, who first walked on the red carpet of Cannes, said he was "very happy and very romantic."

The 72nd Cannes Festival in France took place between the 14th and 25th. "South Station Party" is the only Chinese film to receive a list of major competitors in the competition, and will compete with the other 20 films of the Palm.

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