Thursday , January 21 2021

Taylor Swift uses facial recognition technology to track his followers in a concert – AI Artificial Intelligence – cnBeta.COM

According to foreign media reports, in May of this year, Taylor Swift held a concert using Face Detection Monitoring System in Rose Bowl, California. So who is the target of this system? – A follower of Swift. Of course, this face recognition system is installed in a showroom showing its return points, which will secretly absorb the viewer's facial expressions.


An expert on security and concerts told the media that visitors will be scanned as soon as they watch. The data is then transferred to the "Command Center" in Nashville, Tennessee, and then compare to the known Swifter Tracker database.

No American artist was exposed before the use of facial recognition technology at the concert. However, it is illegal, because the concert itself is a private activity, so the event organizer can almost any form of monitoring the event participants.

Swift's security measures may be considered extreme, but it is certainly not the first time people use facial recognition technology to deal with unwanted participants.

In addition, large-scale facial recognition technology in the United States is constantly improving. For example, Ticketmaster plans to replace the ticketing link with face recognition scanning deployed on the seat to further develop the technology.

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