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The Champions League has a cold wind blowing all the way to a "glorious loss" –

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14 December 2018 11:22 Source: News Evening Changsha Participate in the interaction

The Champions League has a cold wind blowing all the way to a "magnificent loss"

Real Madrid Vinicius (right):

Real Madrid player Vinicius (right): "Forget it, anyway, the ball will be given to you." (Design line) news agency Shinui

Changsha Evening News (reporter Zhao Ziming) Yesterday morning, the last round of the Champions League group ended in eight games, many strong teams were not ready to fight because of early early. The last eight games have shown a lot of unpopular games. Juventus and Manchester United lost on the road, "old lady" Juventus lost to Bern 1-2 for young people, and Manchester United lost to Valencia in the same result, so this team is still Juventus first, Manchester United second.

Real Madrid and Rome also lost in advance, Real Madrid beat the central army 0-3 at home, in this season's Champions League game in the Russian team suffered double kill, while Rome lost 1 to 2 against Plzen. Bayern also failed to hit Ajax on the road. Both sides drew a 3-3 battle in the scoring battle. Bayern eventually came in first place in the group with an advantage. Ajax also followed the knockout. Tickets.

In the only direct confrontation that decided to make it to the Premiership, Lyon 1-1 draws Shaktar Donetsk, decisive opponents to go up to 16, and Manchester City, who went on for the game, defeated Hoffenheim 2-1 at home. The other teams are Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Tottenham, Paris, Liverpool, Porto, Schalke. The teams participating in the European league in the third group were: Bruges, Inter, Naples, Galatasaray, Benfica, Donetsk, Miners, Pilsen, Valencia.

In the early hours of next Monday, UEFA will draw a lot to decide to play against.According to the rules of 16 draw, the two teams in the same group of team game will not meet, and teams from the same team will not meet.The first team in the group touched the second place in the group, With the name of the first team being in the first round and back home at knockout stage.

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