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The master class was charged with "unfair merchandise" and 100 lawyers defended their rights.


Original title: The main class was charged with "wrong goods" 100 lawyers defend rights

Yesterday (May 15), more than 300 lawyers from all over the country came to Beijing to attend the "China Construction Engineering Real Estate Lawyer Summit Forum" Guangzhou lawyer Li Wei (pseudonym) thought he could hear the great coffee (May 16), he and his classmates discovered that they were "deceived", the location of the course, the teachers and the content were different from the previous publication, there was no training in the field of business, everyone investigated the consumer scam Allegedly their illegal business.Today, lawyers collectively reported that the Heidi District Public Security Bureau Bureau of Police in Chongqing is investigating the matter.

The students received publicity for a "special training course for construction workers and real estate." Beijing News Zhang Jingyu

In order to encourage foreign lawyers to apply for the Learning Class in Beijing

In March, Li Wei saw a message on the WeChat Group titled "Special Training Course for Building Engineering and Real Estate Lawyers", which took place from May 30 to June 2 at the China Institute of Political Science and Law or a five-star hotel in Beijing. Closed + meeting + meeting + face-to-face consultation.When he saw that the above teachers are Shuying, Yuan Huazhi, etc. Wei Wei feels that the seminar has a high specification.Open the listing page, he saw a detailed introduction More on the course, I feel very suitable for myself, I paid 3,980 yuan registration fee.

Wu Yang (pseudonym) received a phone call from the sales of the above-mentioned seminars, and then signed up. " Some teachers are masters in our industry, it's sure to be improved, we're small here. It is good to be able to go to major cities to get the odds. "Wu Yang said that he usually does not have time to travel during his work, and attending the seminar is his first trip to Beijing.

308 lawyers from all over the country held similar ideas and were registered, some spent 4,980 yuan, some spent 3,980 yuan, and some spent 3,184 yuan. Cheng Li told a news reporter in Beijing that the lawyers are a very enthusiastic group, and they need to learn new knowledge at all times in all areas of life, so the class has 20 aged 50 and 50-year-olds. . "It does not matter if you spend money, it's okay to take time off, you should also eat and drink, we all want to learn."

But after May, Li Wei found that many of the links in previous records had changed. "The guides are different from previous messages, and the time is May 15th."

The lawyers reported to the hotel. Beijing News Zhang Jingyu

Were not satisfied with the course, the lawyers collectively defended their rights and claimed that "the goods are not right"

Yesterday, 308 lawyers reported in the conference room of a hotel near Xi Arqi, Haidian District, and officially started today. However, less than an hour after the lesson, Li Wei felt something was wrong. "Originally said it was a five-star hotel, and in fact it was not at all, only 200 people registered, but the place was crowded with 308 people. The same is that the teacher's quality of instruction is not satisfactory. " Look at the next arrangement, and the big and clear goods "wrong" before our registration. "

"I came to the legal knowledge of the real estate industry I said earlier, but the actual courses are mostly about engineering, construction, engineering cost, etc. It totally does not coincide with the business I am engaged in."

Sanjian (pseudonym) participated in many research classes with similar pay, he deeply felt that "and not to mention the hardware, we are not excessive, the teacher does not even send the most basic lectures, and is very irresponsible."

After that, more and more students debated the place and the students warned about the staff after the fight with the organizers.

At midday the reporter arrived in Beijing for the event, on the seventh floor of a four-star hotel in the Hydeian District, you can see the forum poster as soon as you leave the elevator. According to posters and pamphlets, the forum is hosted by an organization called "Qihui Business".

More than 100 students wrote the report materials in the conference room in the conference room, and the police of the police station in the province of Heidean Province attended the investigation.Bigin News Zhang Jingyu

Defenses Rights: Shame should also be exposed as a reminder

When they encountered such a thing, Li Wei felt anxious and ridiculous. "In the afternoon I sent a transcript to wait for an investigation, and for a few hours I understood that it was not easy for our previous clients, and even those who understood the law.

"We help the parties protect their rights every day, who knows they will be shaved, but even if they are jokes, they have to break it and give other colleagues a warning, we have to be good, training and exchange of knowledge, but can not stand that sort of thing. Fake, can not let this cancer film continue to exist. "

At the police station, Lee, an employee of the Yanhui School of Business, told me that some teachers were not identical to the previous promotion, because the teacher's time was "wrong," and he said he could follow the teachers who had previously been released after completing the course. Reorganize the "correction class" for everyone.

However, we do not agree with this statement: "Everyone from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and even Urumqi, Haiku, time and money are a lot of delays, not a joke," Wei Wei said.

Wu Yang said that despite the fact that the training class is a "forum", she received high wages and taught her a teacher, and in fact it was "training," and the institution had no training and training in illegal activities. "We asked that." Legal liability ".

At present, about 200 students have entered the Copyright Rights Group, which sought to complete the course, and return the name and tuition fees to Beijing.

The reporter learned from Tianyan's investigation that the company named Jinan Brain Culture Network Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Jinan, Shandong Province, and the educational information and consultation is clearly written in business scope.

Organizational: Negation is training

Ms. Li, a member of the Yanhui Business School team, told the Beijing News that the changes in teachers and courses before the beginning of the course were sent to students through WeChat and approved by them. "The voice of the teacher's lecture this morning is a little low, so the people behind me do not hear it well, but in fact, after less than an hour in the classroom, how can you say that the teacher and the content are not good?" Ms. Li believes that this is not disqualifying because there are "malicious" people.

"We are looking for teachers to share experiences, tell stories, share experiences and share, not training, there are many industry associations that do such seminars," he says.

Ms. Lee said that after consulting the company, she is willing to return the fees for those who no longer continue to attend the seminar.

At seven in the evening, more than 100 students wrote the report material in the training session room, the police in the Haidian District Police took part in the investigation and learned about the situation.

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