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Today, we compare honor to the massacre in Nanjing called the state to kill the people to work hard The Nang Massacre Yang

The original title: Today, in the name of the state, to pay tribute to his dead compatriots!


The fifth national day

We are in the name of the state

Paying more than 300,000 fellow countrymen

December 13, 81 years ago

The Japanese invasion of China captured Nanjing

More than 40 days

More than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed

A violent, unacceptable animal

Nanjing Massacre Survivor

Is witness to tragedy

Ge Daorong, born in Nanjing in 1926

That winter 81 years ago

His uncle and two donkeys were killed by the Japanese

He was stabbed in the right leg and hid in the refugee camp.

The old man said that when you close your eyes, you'll remember the year.

The body of the street, the Red River

December 13, 1937

A team of Japanese soldiers reached the peak of Shukin

Seven family members were killed

She was stabbed three times by Japanese soldiers.

This year, said Xia Luo, 89

"I waited for them to apologize and wait 81 years."

When Nanjing fell

Lu Hongkai's family found shelter in the cellar

After the Japanese soldiers searched

First machine gun

Go into the hole and throw a grenade

Seven people were slaughtered

When the Japanese army captured Nanjing in December 1937

Zhang Zhiqiang, only 9 years

Witnesses to parents and four younger brothers who were killed by the Japanese army

Family of 6 is fatal

Chang Yikiang never learned to laugh again.

There are more people

After the pain of the unforgettable

Use your personal experience as proof of history

2018 Nanjing massacre team survivors recorded. Xinhua News Agency are both Yocking, Li Xiang, Jie Chunpeng photo


They are waiting for an apology from Japan.

Someone is waiting for them to die

Only at the beginning of this month

Two Holocaust survivors

Chen Guang-shun, 94, or Jin-hua


As of December 6

20 survivors of the Nanjing massacre died this year

The number of survivors registered today is less than 100

And the Japanese right to this day

Still denies the Nanjing massacre

妄 洗脱 洗脱 加 加

Japanese Jie Zhixiong Japanese publicly denies the existence of the Nang massacre; Aging women and Japanese military convenience.

Some people have forgotten

We can not forget

History will not end because of the aging of the witnesses

The truth will not disappear in the refusal of the offender

In recent years

We continue to improve relevant laws

"Nanjing City National Public Welfare and Protection Regulations" other regulations

Swords to distort and erase the truth of history

National Day of Freedom was established for five years

The pain and uncompromising resistance we have experienced remind us

It's hard and hard to get

Peace is hard to come

Look at the world

Lies, murmurs can not erase the conscience of the human race

UNESCO will archive the Nanjing massacre

Officially listed in the world memory

International people such as Matsuoka Ring and Zhang Chunru

Repair the torn memory with youth and life

To reconstruct the cruel truth of the war

China of today

No more China in 1937

We can finally defend the national interest

The Chinese nation will not be slaughtered and will not be dealt with.

Today, December 13, 2018

We respect the name of the state.

No matter which city you're in

If you hear a beep

Unnamed: Please stop

One minute silence for the victims


Not just the nation's grief

There are also instructions to die behind



Never complain about revenge

Only for the desire to do resurrection:

Do not forget history, cherish peace!

Revive China, and self-improvement!

Source: Daily People's WeChat (ID: rmrbwx), Comprehensive Modern Express, Yangzi News News, Memorial Hall for Victims of Nanjing Massacre, etc.

Editor in Charge: O Ming

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