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What effect of the Supervisory Committee on Banks intend to introduce the most stringent standards and bad classification on banks?

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On 30 April, in order to promote commercial banks to accurately assess credit risks and to truly reflect the quality of assets, the China Insurance Supervisory Committee published the interim steps for classifying the financial assets of the commercial banks ("the interim measures") and requested the opinion The audience. The interim indices extend the risk classification target from loans to all financial assets bearing credit risk.

The president of the bank of the farmer said: "To expand the scope of asset classification, and include the financial assets of the asset management business into the classification target, which requires more extraction for banks with higher asset management businesses.It takes additional capital, now there is a commercial bank, Its financials are usually classified as normal, if the asset management business goes into penetration, then the asset classification will go down, which will certainly reduce the quality of the assets. "

Some bankers also believe that the classification of widening the gap, the denominator of bad factors at the same time expand. The specific bad changes depend on the quality of each bank's assets. "Some banks have good investment activity, which is not good, and the weighted deterioration is likely to fall, and some banks have low investment pressure, and as a result there is a bad rise in the asset."

"The scope of the classification is extended, the standards are stricter, and the quality control of the commercial banks' assets is more stressed, and especially the investment business is included in the classification requirements of the five categories, the classification requirements of that creditor, and the requirement of days," he said. I feel that many commercial banks do not meet the draft standards. "

The interim measures also require non-retail debtors to be classified as bad at more than 5% – of the bank's obligations, and other obligations of the bank should be classified. In the case of overdue days, strict claims for overdue debts for more than 90 days, even if the mortgage guarantee is sufficient, should be classified as bad.

The above president of rural commercial bank said: "The minimum standard for classification of assets by the number of days overdue.This part of the loan is the most vague area of ​​classification of bank assets.The previous classification guidelines are not clear, and the bank classification is often good or bad, On the quality of the property. The authenticity of the new method has accurate classification criteria for overdue loans, which should be exceeding the overall poor level of the banking industry. "

In response to a reporter's question, the relevant person of the Banking Supervision Committee said that the current loan classification guidelines, restructured loans should be classified as non-performing loans. The proposed interim steps further encourage the concept of structural change.

The first is to clarify the definition of re-properties, focusing on two concepts of "financial difficulties" and "contract adjustments", detailing the various situations that are appropriate with the idea of ​​restructuring, facilitate implementation of bank classification, and blocks the regulatory arbitrage space . .

Second, according to the principle of "material more important than form", restructuring loans are no longer required to be classified as bad, but they should be classified as least fears. For those who were bad before restructuring, they are not allowed to be upgraded or abnormal during the observation period after re-organization. The third is to extend the re-observation period from at least 6 months to at least 1 year. Relatively lenient steps during the observation period will help advance the smooth progress of debt restructuring.

The above president of rural commercial bank believes that the loan re-eliminated "one-size-fits-all approach" to classify, embodies the principle of "material is more important than form" but at the same time it may also create concerns that the recognition criteria should be adjusted as much as possible , And the approach is considered as well.To this question, define and extend the observation period to some extent to compensate for this problem.

President of the rural commercial bank believes that the implementation of the new measures, regulatory authorities can no longer understand the authenticity of the quality of the bank's property, and the bank can also solve the risks on time through accurate classification, but for some banks, especially the business asset management outside the balance sheet business. Banks with a high proportion of financial assets will have a certain negative impact on the quality of their assets.

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