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World Badminton Tournament Final Tour Fu Heifeng Guangzhou teaches ball skills – HSBC, Badminton, Badminton, Tour, Finals – Netease Sports

Source: Sports Netease

Netease Sports reported on December 13:

On the first day of 2018 HSBC World Badminton World Tour finished, "Badmint Challenge" was held in the center of Guangzhou Asian Deminet Training. Former world champion Badminton and Guoyu couples of fairy-tale couples Fu Heifeng returned to the game, and collaborated with the new partner to recreate the pairs of doubles involved couples, and interact with young badminton players instead of teaching the ball skills.

As a global development partner of BWF, HSBC is committed to helping badminton thrive locally and internationally. 2018 season of peak matchup in Guangzhou will push badminton, popular sports, unprecedented height.

"The Badminton Challenge" has established a very special competition system – Mr. Fu Heifeng is invited to cooperate with Ms. Huang Big, CEO of Greater China HSBC, and Mr. Liu Yigian, CEO and CEO, To HSBC in mixed male and female doubles, and against an amateur badminton player.

Fu Heifeng also competed with the young badminton players to create a "battle team", and was a "fixed point goal challenge", a special show, for badminton fans to fully introduce the magic of this sport and entertainment. It is worth noting that the amateur players participating in this event are working HSBC and customers, and they were selected through internal competitions HSBC.

"This year marks the first year HSBC will be a global partner of the World Federation of Badminton, and during the year HSBC and the World Travel crossed many countries and regions," said Huang Hong, CEO of Greater China HSBC. , And eventually came to Guangzhou. Attend and testify about the exciting moment of the event. The Pearl River Delta region is an important market for HSBC businesses in China and the region with high participation in badminton.For the official beginning of the final column, we held a special event in Guangzhou today. The challenge of Wufeng Badminton, the theme of the whole world, invites badminton players, fans and HSBC customers and employees to gather together, and hopes to pass on HSBC's concept sports sponsorship and community development through badminton. The sport flourishes in the Pearl River Delta and beyond. "

Poo Heifeng, a former Damenton player, is a partner from a professional point of view: "Badminton is an easy to use sport but requires long, challenging, competitive and fun training, as a badminton player and coach, I'm very happy to see that. The development of badminton. "

World Badminton World Tour is the world's top badminton event officially launched by Badminton World in 2018. It is a combination of the World Super Series and the World Series Finals and Badminton Awards Series. The athletes from the top 8 of the race of 26 at the Tur station (men, women, men, women, mixed) will participate in the final.

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