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Zhang Yuying escaped a circle of music convenience? Comment on the growth process with jobs –

MZhang Yuying escaped a circle of music convenience? Comment on five years of growth with jobs

At 9:00 pm on April 27, the English album "Ang Yinging" was on the three platforms of Tensent music entertainment, QQ music, cool bitch music, cool music, and a series of ongoing investigations. After the trial, she finally had the opportunity to present her music album "Progressive Past" to the public. This time, Zhang Yuying chose to launch a new special line at the concert that night, which is undoubtedly a surprise for the fans. In the production of "An Ongoing Past," Ang Ewing poured her heart into her heart, a tribute to her past and a new starting point for music.

MEscape the comfort circle, spend five years polishing the music life

Past Progressive is not the title of the album nor the lyrics of any album, but the tense name in English grammar. Sixteen English music pieces, sixteen kinds of emotions and life, Zhang Ewing has written about her English songs and efforts over the years, and this is not only her simple question, but also a comfortable circle. Escape, release of curiosity, a wide range of challenges, a desire for growth. She is successful and unsatisfied, she said that this is not all the English songs she has recorded in the last five years, but she also represents part of the history of music in the last five years.

The polishing process of this album is also the process that Zhang Ewing is constantly trying to learn, from the beginning to imitate the poetry of English songs, to the self-selection of the taste I want to express, Zhang Ewing sang her unique characteristics with her delightful expression. . What makes Zhang Ying very memorable is that when she learns to adapt to new content, she has to express it on the local stage with the usual Chinese song skills, so she has been attracting the new and old alternative for a long time, for a while , It seems to be divided into two people, one herself in the real arena, and the other herself, who does not set boundaries and likes to challenge new things.

MTencent Music and Entertainment Three platforms grab a "fresh" on-line music fans screen to play a fancy call

The process of creating the album made her feel more fulfilled than the day-to-day work she repeated. In the case of Zhang Ewing, the process of recording the songs is really an expensive experience of its own, and the pieces and pieces in these processes are OK on the past. "Progressive Past" not only ignited her passion and motivation to create music, but also accompanied her music and life to the next level.

Since the beginning of the debut, each step of Zhang Yuying has always received great attention. From "THE ONE" to "moved advanced", each album of Zhang Yuying can achieve good results, and her voice with delicate feelings can always make fans touch deep.

After the album "Advanced Past" was launched, the fans immediately called the comments area, and as fans said, "My young man does not have a Zhang Ying?" QQ uses the music "the second speed five centimeters" admission: "This is a conscience album, every fortune is a boutique, you can see the attitude of Zhang Yuying towards the music seriously," cool dog music fans "accompany you to the end" shouted: "Five years, finally waiting for this moment, 16 songs, each song has its own shadow at the same time," cool music user "Hao Tianpai" said: "Zhang Yuying is not going international, she has been internationally."

Tencent Music Entertainment has always been committed to supporting strong musicians, providing a host of services, including distribution, promotion, performance support, etc., so the music singers are more outstanding and heard by other users. On April 27, the new album by Ang Ewing, "Past Progressive", was launched on Tencent Music Entertainment's music of three QQ music, cool dog music and cool music, this time it will sing its heart in its unique flavor. .

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