Saturday , October 23 2021

Babylon, the deportation guards stopped


Guardian sent through the "Personality of the Blue" and ruled in favor of a dealer, left the eviction action at the market square last night, which began at dawn on Tuesday.

In addition, in the afternoon, the same judicial office demanded that the mayor explain to the judge why he had accepted the evacuation decision and prohibited entry to the shops of the merchants and the public.

In the morning, when the traders seemed to leave the building, the man arrived Alejandro Lama, With the termination of guardianship issued by the second civil court in favor of Rardo Cadvade Arango, The owner of the bakery and maize corn, which discounts received protection to prevent eviction.

The only temporary and protective measure in Kedawid was the operation that the police had assisted with the squadron's support throughout the area.

The colleague noted that the evacuation violates the traffickers' rights because "the proper procedure was not carried out and the order was not given in advance." He added that there were no concert tables created to prove compliance with the protocols for these cases.

While the signatures of about 200 affected merchants were collected to add them to guardianship, wishing that it shelter everyone, the Secretary of Government, Adriana Salas Moreno, Explained that the evacuation was ordered because the building has structural faults and electrical wires, which imposed "the need to close the facilities to protect their lives and should destroy the building."

The 68-year-old trader, Cadwin Arango, said the square is the livelihood of more than 2,000 people who can not walk into the street without direction. "You can not destroy the square, you need to renovate it and adjust it," he insisted.

Viviana Moreno, The owner of the butcher shop where her father worked (now dead) for 40 years said that the mayor of Blue wanted to evacuate them without giving them another option.

"They want us to get out of here to start from scratch, with everything it takes to place a business and turn customers into customers, we are legal, we pay taxes," he warned.

Cabinet Secretary, however, promised that there is a census of those affected to give them benefits.

"The municipality has rethought the passage of the square, but right now we are concerned about security and we have a social intervention project with merchants for possible economic compensation for their activities," he said.

Although the evacuation of the square seemed close despite the defense, they had meanwhile halted the operation. The mayor of Blue must explain to the judge the reasons for the operation.

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