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Christmas at home has style


Christmas has not arrived, but … you already know how will decorate your house to get the New Year?

After removing the tree, lights and the manger from which he saved them, he will also ask himself how to decorate again without making his house look like the previous year.

Please note, EL HERALDO has consulted with decoration experts to bring you the trends that will dominate this Christmas.

For interior designer Patricia Sanchez, the Christmas decoration this year is marked by two completely different trends.

"The first is an ecological trend associated with the nordic, all trying to see Christmas as natural as possible, giving a real look, full of snow and the same characteristic elements."

Sanchez adds that the second trend is marked by luxury.

"This is a completely sober and elegant holiday, leaving aside everything natural, playing with red in all its shades, as with gold."

Carlos Pinedo, designer barranquillero, sees that this year "there is an awakening towards the Baroque".

"As for Christmas trees, the traditional green pine is one that is most used, combined with different shades of gold and red wine, grapes." This would be a perfect choice for Christmas decoration. "

Move a bit from the traditional, this year there is a boom that comes from the previous Christmas, but in 2018 it comes back with much more strength, and it includes the pink tones in the decoration.

Monica Serbia, an expert on decoration, confirms that the metallic sounds come by force. "Mixing the golden with the pink sounds gives the illusion of Christmas gold and it will no doubt take over in the last month."

Saravia adds that the idea of ​​more is more Christmas! "Usually the interior design rule tells you that the less is more, but at this point that the rule is broken.We try to decorate every area of ​​the house so that the Christmas spirit is living as such.The tree is always given top priority because it is the central focus of any house And the idea is that each one is tailored to the taste of the person who lives in it, so it is considered that there is nothing at all during this season, and it follows the trend without leaving the personal style. "

Serbia advises that this foundation give importance to the entrance – decoration that is usually put on the threshold of houses, "" because this is where the guests are accepted. Every corner of the house is big, but dressing is essential, because it is the center of concentration. "

To decorate the table at home designers recommend that we do it with "small details along the table."

Combinations Although the Christmas experts will revolve around the golden tone, we must know how to incorporate it.

For Monica Serbia "This year there is control over the pastel shades, considering that the central tone is golden, since this color is strong and should be balanced with low notes."

According to the same assumption, designer Patricia Sanchez recommends combining with basic black and white shades, "other colors that come to vibrations during the season."

The tree

It is the key element in all homes while dressing Christmas, it is a piece that determines all the decoration of the house and gives that Christmas touch and sells the time.

Monica Serbia believes that this year there is a trend marked by Nordic trees, that is, those of white or paint that relate pine trees covered with snow.

"There is a sign of Nordic style that many people like, but it goes with taste, the green tree will never end in style and the design of the important thing is that it makes us feel identified, yes it is sensational for our guests, but it is finally our home and we need to feel Comfortable in it. "

Carlos Pinedo says that by 2018 "This decoration in the trees with balls or balls has been replaced by dolls and in some cases they are thematic, some prefer Disney characters, others for typical Christmas animals such as teddy bears, decorative shapers and figures of angels and stars."

For Patricia Sanchez, the tendency to put animals in wood begins with this environmental approach. "Following this natural, Christmas trees will have many elements of nature including flowers, dragonflies, butterflies and birds.

The Lord

One of the most traditional and representative parts of time is the manger, though not all households choose to put it together.

Pinto recommends that they are not big.

"The so-called" mangers "should be of small size, not excessive, because its significance is to stimulate birth and therefore must be smaller size, pleasant and pleasant."

For his part, Sanchez recommends not moving the Lord from the subject of the chosen decoration.

"The master should match the decoration that the rest of the house has, because it can not be changed.Although it is a traditional element, it must preserve the same shades.If our Christmas is luxurious, the manger should be these red shades, and always combine."

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