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Colombian app that will allow you to make money from your mobile phone


Maurizio Keg and Yao and Valerio Tedesco They are the creators of Look, A digital tool created with the aim of providing the information of sales points, brands or consumers themselves through thousands of people across the country.

This innovative digital platform offers market research service making use of new digital technologies and a cooperative economy model either Crowdsourcing. With the Colombian application it revolutionized the traditional way of doing market research, obtaining information directly from consumers through specific tasks that can be done from anywhere through your cell phone.

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When creating marketing campaigns, it is essential to be as accurate as possible what your consumers want, what they lack, what they want and what they do not, valuable data for brands, for this purpose Look, An application where you can find real time market research on your palm.


LookApp has two types of communities:

1 The first consists of companies who want to know the behavior of their brands, products, services and customers in the market.

2 Second, they are the so-called "Eyes", Which are the citizens responsible for providing the information required by the companies, using the application installed on their smartphones.

"Eyes" in this application play an important role in the collection of information required. For each of the tasks they perform, they get economic compensation that varies depending on their complexity.

How difficult would it be to perform these tasks?

The tasks to be performed are very varied, and can range from answering to a survey or taking a picture of the products in the refrigerator, past the store or the supermarket, and making photographic documentation of the product exhibition, checking availability or exhaustion, checking prices or acting as an incognito customer.

So far in 2018, the growth of "Eyes" It has been from 500 to more than 7,000 users in the community.

Innovation with LookApp is useful for micro-macro companies

"With Look We democratize market research, making it available to all types of companies of all sizes. We can get this thanks for our business model based on "Crowdsourcing" o Cooperative economy, Which significantly reduces costs and response times while increasing the reliability of the information collected, "said Maurizio Cajiao, CEO of Lookapp.

"It does Look This is an alternative to carrying out studies with greater coverage and greater reliability for large companies, whereas for small and medium enterprises represents having access for the first time to market research that historically due to its high costs, this service was impossible for these, "he adds Kao Yao

Thanks to the promotion of ICT entrepreneurship

Recently, the company has won a call made by MINTIC, Through and Venturas Corporation call Digital Business Growth and Consolidation – Iteration VII, To promote ICT ventures through its investment program and support.

In the same way, they were the creditors of the first business support program that he had Impulse With villa, Where they support organizations with economic resources with advice.


Right now Look It is capable of conducting market research throughout the national territory, regardless of the level or location of the market to be surveyed.

How to Become a Part of LookApp?

The only thing users need is to have a smart phone and an Internet connection; Download the application and register.

Once you sign up, you can start performing the tasks that will be assigned based on your profile and location.


How do you get the profits?

Money is paid through a banking system where they do not have to be an account or tickets. Simply with the code sent to your cell phone you can go ATM and withdraw the money. It is budgeted that by the end of 2018, Look Crossing Colombian borders and opening up new markets in Central and South America.

Look Available in Windows operating systems Android and iOS

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