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Colombians in Sophie Boca River Copa Libertadores 2018 – International Football – Sport


The drummer's duo was already tuned to the beat of the heart. The wand is carried by the bombo (tuck, tuck, tuck), all ready for the most important event in the history of football in South America: the final of the Libertadores Coupe. And it's not another one, this Saturday (3 PM, Fox Sports) will be the Boca Juniors and the River Plate, two of the most iconic clubs in Argentina, which have tremendous popularity in the world. There will be five Colombians: Rafael Santos Bora and Juan Fernando Quintero, in the river, Wilmar Barrios, Sebastian Villa and Edwin Cardona, with Boca.

However, the reality of national football players are different and paradoxical. The two most talented will not be present at the beginning: Quintero will be on the bench and Cardona will go to the stand, it will not even be an alternative.

Those who will enjoy ownership will be Barrios, Villa and Borre. The first was enough for five minutes to win applause and five games for his first applause, which has become a custom among Boca fans: "Olé, olé, olé, olé, Negro, Negro". The game of Bryus is one of the xeneize DNA, one hitting, putting and pressing without rest, the reason it was not so complicated to enter the heart of Boca.

Villa and Bora were more complicated because they had to compete with familiar names in Boca and the river. Villa, which cost Boca $ 2 million, is above an idol like Tevez and one of the most controversial reinforcements, such as Zarat, which was around $ 3 million. Bora, who took advantage of the low performances of Ignacio Skucco and Rodrigo Mora, was deadly during the Libertadores. He scored in the three return games played by River until he reached the finals (Racing, Independiente and Grimio).

There will be no revenge

In Argentina they were always responsible to return because it was not a matter of life or death that the next day life usually follow, because it is a more football game in which there will be a winner and a loser; And yes, they will be right, life will continue, but whoever loses will bear a burden on what remains of its existence that he will never forget.

Presidents of Boca Juniors River Plate, Daniel Angel and Rodolfo Onofrio, respectively, and the head of the Conambol, Alejandro Dominguez, said in Buenos Aires that fans should live the first Super Bowl in the Copa Libertadores 2018.

At the joint press conference, before the first meeting of this Saturday in the Bombona da Boca, where there would be no visitors, Angel asked "to enjoy her in peace and in the family," while Onofrio insisted that we should demonstrate that "in Argentina There are no cracks, because football can be a bridge of rapprochement between the two clubs. "

But the truth is that the latter will be the last to be played with matches back and forth; From the other year she will be in a neutral place, so Boca and River will never have perfect revenge, because now the Conambol says one thing says otherwise) that they will not have the opportunity to play in its mythological stadium: La Bombonaara de Boca and Monumental de Nuniz.

The neighborhood classics that became a global phenomenon will paralyze the world of soccer on Shabbat, as well as the next Saturday, November 24, when the team that won eternal fame is known in a river yard.

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