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Flora Martinez: Two Years in Frida's Shoes – Art and Theater – Culture


Flora Martinez remembers arriving in New York when she was 20 years old and lived for five years and became a translator at schools such as the Conservatory of Actors and Studio Vine Handman. The actress, who was born in Canada, took upon herself the responsibility and pleasure to return to this American city with the musical monologue Frida Lieber, which was shown there last year and ended only another season at the Queens Theater.

"For me it's the highest I've ever done in my career, To get this city in the theatrical recognition is amazing. New York was also a trigger for "farewell", that's what made it international, "explains Martinez on this show, which also was in Canada and Miami and Will be shown again in Bogota on December 7 and 8 at the ABC Theater.

The production explores the life of Frida Kahlo, a basic reference to Mexican painting of the 20th century, which is also close to the tragic events that marked her life.

Martinez says, for example, It was in New York, where he accepted the offer to translate the work into English. Thus, with the help of her husband, Jose Rainoso, she created a version in that language.

"We really discovered that the work is amazing in English, it works like in Spanish, and besides, English is for me the dramaturgy language, it's not a literal translation, things always change to understand this, and of course not with my Canadian accent, but with a heavier look, "Explains the actress.

also, In the same city he also accepted the offer to create an album with the songs he plays. Thus was born "Flores Cow Frida", which, even, has some subjects of work translated into English and others in bilingual format – some, like "La llorona", can not be translated.

For me it's the highest thing I've ever done in my career, to get this theatrical recognition in the city is amazing

"I discovered that the format of 40's old songs in bilingualism is my niche in music. On November 30th we're launching another one that's 'tasted to me'. "Says Martinez, who accompanies the stage by a band playing from then on to typical Mexican songs.

Since these first seasons at Bellas Artes and Colton Theaters in Bogotá, Martinez says that directing has undergone some changes. For example, in the direction, the first wand was the Ringleys and now it's Martinez itself. Y On the first national tour, this change changed a number of changes: the musical ascension grew and more songs.

In addition, the international seasons also required changes in the direction of directing and design. For Martinez, these details have made the assembly grow.

"Being two years with" Frida "was amazing what I could deepen in that, because Before it was like writing only, although it worked fine, but now, as an actress I grew up a lot of the songs as well"Explains the actress.

In addition to the two presentations in Bogota, Martinez says he is negotiating to present the work again in New York, though this time in Manhattan, and even take it to Mexico, the land of eternal separation.

"A Mexican director falls in love with work and wants to take it, but in a special way. They're right, bringing the Frida Lieber. To Mexico, it is not anything; We could have shown it in many theaters, but we waited for it to be very responsible, "the actress sums up.

Where and when

Functions in Bogota: December 7, 8, 7 p. M. ABC Theater. 104 Street No. 17-22. Notes from 65,000 to 85,000 pesos.

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