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Jr. won and won against La Equidad

Jr. won a zero-goal goal on Thursday and took advantage of the C-League quarterfinals of the second leg, on the first leg of Roberto Malandez Stadium in Brancia.

The only score of the game played before about 8,000 fans was converted by Guajiro Luis Díaz.

The first time was to forget. The game of both became blurred and sometimes boring, because the defenses were preferable to the attackers and there were lights to overcome them.

We saved a shot by Stalin Mota from La Equidad, who went into the hands of the goalkeeper Mario Sebastian Vieira; And Jr. played a combined game between Rennel Berreira and Luis Diaz that last, with a nice luxury, passed the ball over the goalkeeper and when the ball continued on the way to the grid was rejected by Garcia Garcia and eventually reached By goalkeeper Diego Novova

For the second time in the Jr. remained in the dressing room James Sanchez to make room for Daniel Moreno and Lalla Echeidid Stalin Motta to Daniel Padilla. Sanchez and Muta beat their heads in the first half and played bandages on their heads.

With the advent of Moreno Jr., two strikers are open at both ends. Moreno on the right and Luis Diaz on the left, it allowed him to reach more sideways and produced centers that became a boxing in the back of the team, which, with the advent of Daniel Padilla, strengthened in the core area.

It was a combination of these two forward-set edges that produced the goal for Junior in 81 minutes. A prompt pass from Daniel Moreno was followed by Sebastián Hernández's hard shot to the top corner. The ball was no longer in the middle of the pitch. At this point, it was obvious that the players of Luis Díaz lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented.

It was the merit of a team that did more for the game, which had intentions to seek out an arch opponent, because at this point in the second half, the capital team did not make the first shot on goal saved by Sebastien VIERA.

Daniel Moreno had two more opportunities to raise the bill to Junior. With 90 minutes played, Teófilo Gutiérrez put the home team one ahead on a cross coming in from the right, but Diego Nova was in the right place and tipped the ball over for a corner. And the other, three minutes later, this time his shot went off the target.

The capital responded at the end, but without the danger of reaching equality.

It was a victory he deserved by Junior, for what was done in the second half, which looked more like the arch-enemy, than a self-protecting capital with ten men in the background and an attacker.

The series moves to the metro stadium of Teco de Bogotá, where on Sunday will be defined as which semifinals passes the tournament.

Independence Day Party VS. fortune
Barranquilla, 15 November 2018 (Colperance). Below is the synthesis of the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Second League Ego played at the stadium of Roberto Malandez in Brancia, teams Jr. Le Aquidade.

JIIOR 1 VS. Capital
Venue: Roberto Malandez.
Referee: Wilmer Rolden (Antioch).
Arbitration Assistants: Christian de la Cruz (Nariño) and John Aguilar (Risaralda).
Assistance: 7,796 (ticket payment: 3,427 and incoming subscribers: 1,233).
Funds: $ 136 million.


Jr.: Sebastien Vieira; Marlon Fidelhita, Raphael Perez, Gershon Ferenc, Gabriel Foyantes; Leonardo Pico, James Sanchez, Victor Cantio, Gellen Brera; Luis Diaz and Teofilo Gutierrez.
Changes by Daniel Moreno by James Sanchez (46), Sebastian Hernandez by Reln Berra (78) and Yoni Gonzalez by Luis Diaz (86) .
Technician: Julio Comsenia.
Goals: 1-0: Luis Diaz (81).
Yellow: It was not.
They were expelled: there was not.
La Equidad: Diego Novo; Valmer Pacheco, Co, John Garcia, Jader Ricot, Emory Turalbo; Juan of the Pablo, Pablo Lima, Matthias Mayer, Stalin Motta, Hansel Zapata; Carlos Peralta
Changes: Daniel Padilla by Stalin Motta (46), David Camacho by Carlos Peralta (63) and Luis Parra by Hansel Zapata (85).
Technician: Luis Fernando Suarez.
Goals: 1-2: (40 & # 39;)
Yellow: Pedilla.
They were expelled: there was not.

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