Sunday , June 20 2021

Learn how to sign in to your Gmail account

One thinks it will not happen, until that happens, in recent months it happens very safe. Cybersecurity security has become a major issue in digital life and we simply can not rely on sufficient precautions to ensure our information, data and private communications are protected.

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That's why at Unocero we continue to deliver valuable information that helps you get all of your platforms and accounts in order, and in today's chapter we show you a guide to check all devices that have been connected to your Gmail account and that have not been used without your permission.

Check out step by step which devices are connected to your Gmail

1. Go to the desktop

  • Sign in to your Gmail account in your browser.
  • Sign in to your Google Account by clicking on your Google profile photo and then & # 39; Google Account & # 39 ;.

  • Then go to the "Access and security" section and click "Security authentication."
  • Where it opens the list of events associated with your Gmail account and in the "Your Devices" section you can see the list of all the approaches that were made and remove all that seems strange to you.

2. From your smartphone

  • Open your Gmail app
  • Go to the menu and click "Settings" to the bottom of the list of functions.
  • Click "Manage your Google Account".

  • Look in the "Access and security" section and click.
  • Name, search for the "Recently used devices" section and click.
  • The same ready list appears and you can also manage it and delete any device that you do not recognize.

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